Barbarossa Episode 15 In Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Barbarossa Episode 15 In Urdu.Here Jafar says to the Prophet after receiving the news from you He immediately caught the race and now he is completely eliminating the rise, Baba. Silvio says let them fight among themselves.

Even if the rise is hit, we still have the advantage, but if Shaheen is killed, blood will be played. And the agreement of the rise and Will end Here Elias says to the rise Why did Agha Rais let them go?

Rise says Look, Elias, we did not agree with Shaheen here, but he came here ready and during the discussion, I saw another ship away If there was a war, how much is known and every day Joe and Moses were in their hands.Barbarossa Episode 15 Urdu Subtitle

Barbarossa Episode 15 In Urdu Subtitle

It is certainly wise to jump into a defeated war, but it is foolish. Fight the enemy in an inappropriate place and in the fire on both sides It is foolish to fall. Look, Elias Shaheen will have to give an account of what he did very soon.

Barbarossa Episode 15 In Urdu
Barbarossa Episode 15 In Urdu

Then the next day begins. Andr Orni is present at Master Solomon’s shop and he is looking for this book while Zainab Also comes there and says what are you looking for so hard? Nadir says he is looking for trust.

Without giving a safe hand, Master Suleiman could not have thought of going anywhere. Like Hamza’s father, he heard this I wish Ista Suleiman, like Hamza’s father, would leave a letter and listen to it.Barbarossa Episode 15 In Urdu

Barbarossa Episode 15 In Urdu by Tv25Urdu

Khidr has an idea in which Master Suleiman says don’t forget the papers. Then Khidr picks up some papers from there and starts checking them.Barbarossa Episode 15 In Urdu Subtitle

At the same time, in a paper, he sees something, after which he turns back and approaches the books, where there is one on which he begins to turn by hand. As soon as he turns around, a door opens inside which.Barbarossa Episode 15 In Urdu Subtitle

Book When she sees the book in the hand of Nadar, Zainab says that in search of this book killed this book, blood is spreading everywhere. This book is a book that prevents the oppressors from shedding the blood of the oppressed Rise and his companions arrive at the port and after welcoming them,

he says, “Is something wrong?” Here are Shaheen’s soldiers, Horoz Jo and Abu Muhammad, being taken to a forest. The day that says to me a lot Glad I haven’t been taken anywhere in such a crowd to this day.Barbarossa Episode 15 Urdu Subtitle

Barbarossa Episode 15 In English Subtitles

Hearing this, Abu Muhammad says you should have tied your mouth instead of your hands. Hearing this, Shaheen says take them from here and tie them up. Meanwhile, Jafar Comes there and says did you kill Baba Uzoor Shayin says

Barbarossa Episode 15 In Urdu
Barbarossa Episode 15 In Urdu

what are you talking about killing whom you are talking Jafar says why didn’t you hit the agreement between us Shaheen would catch his collar Has happened. Stay within your limits Jaffar rises and the earth sky is the difference in killing pirates.Barbarossa Episode 15 Urdu Subtitle

Barbarossa Episode 15 Urdu Subtitle by Tv25Urdu

Does Jaffar then ask what you will do now? Shaheen says there is a tribe a short distance away who has a lot of respect for my father. I’ll take them there. Jaffar says and what will happen to the ship?

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Hearing this, Shaheen says to his soldier, “Give the ship obtained from the heights as a gift.”. Here the diamond brother says from the rise. We must find the son immediately. If it does, we will take the Sultan’s soldiers with us.

Rise says no at all I have a request from you to find out the whereabouts of Shaheen and inform me otherwise our honor will be found in the dust It will be the same as you want Baba Upraz is saying to his soldiers here.Barbarossa Episode 15 In Urdu Subtitle

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