Alp Arslan Episode 8 in Urdu & English Subtitles free

Alp Arslan Episode 8 in urdu

This is followed by a view of the Seljuk Palace. Where the Turkan woman and her daughter are talking to each other. The wife of the esteemed lady Malik Shah and this girl is the daughter of Malik Shah, so the mother of Malik Shah also comes there.

Seeing them, the Turkan woman asks. Mother Sultan is about to return to the palace. That’s why I want your instructions. The mother replies that I will issue instructions in my room. Then they all go to her room behind the female queen.

Alp Arslan Episode 8 in urdu
Alp Arslan Episode 8 in urdu

Then she sits in her seat and guides the Turkan woman. That Malik Shah is coming back many days later. That’s why I want everything to be more wonderful than ever.alp arslan episode 8 in urdu subtitles

On this the members of the lady immediately say to the queen you become careless all the preparations have been completed and I see these preparations in itself to be the queen Because you are engaged in many tasks of the empire so

alp arslan episode 8 in urdu subtitles

it would be better for you to give me all the responsibilities in response to which she says you have nothing to worry about because the Queen of the Empire lost her life. Like and protects your castle-like your eyes.alp arslan episode 8 in urdu subtitles

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You are now the wife of Malik Shah and tomorrow you have to become Queen Alia. So for now you take care of yourself so that you can give Malik Shah a healthy son. Hearing this she responds immediately. Queen Alia, This is my greatest wish.

On the other hand, the molder and the slope reach the floating shore. Where the two people already present ask the molder. There is something better than what happened. Then he says that our secret has been revealed.

They are going to attack us. Our Sultan’s life is in danger so we have to leave for Isfahan immediately. Introducing the three, he says his name is Arsalan and this is the death of the country.alp arslan episode 8 in urdu subtitles

alp arslan Episode 8 urdu

Then he says to Islam My old friend Doug Do and Bose today is something then he tells them both to stay behind us and come with us if needed then all four of them leave then the scenes of Isfahan There are many people who stand to see and welcome Sultan Malik Shah.

Meanwhile, Sultan Malik Shah comes there and thanks to them all. Meanwhile, Sanchar and Arsalan too. Hide, stand there, then a soldier there, when he starts shooting arrows at the Sultan, the eyes of Sansar fall on him, then Sanchar pulls out his weapon and kills him, which is why he ends up.

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Seeing this, the whole crowd is disturbed, at the same time it falls on the eyes of the Al-Mulk system and they recognize it and then the competition starts there. While the soldiers there begin to protect the Sultan.

Enough fighting After that, a traitor is about to shoot an arrow at the Sultan. So an elder in the same crowd saves the Sultan. But in the meantime, he himself gets injured. Seeing this, the Sultan attacks him with an ax and removes him.

alp arslan Episode 8 english by tv25urdu

The same fight During the time, Nizam-ul-Mulk signaled to the Sultan that the Sultan would immediately leave the palace and as soon as he heard that the country would leave Syria and ask one of his soldiers to take this brave man to me.

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Come on who saved my life. On the other hand, a girl starts fighting these soldiers, but when that soldier starts attacking her, Sanchez comes there and saves her life when Sanchar starts to leave.alp arslan episode 8 in urdu subtitles

So the girl asks, “Know your name, so that I may know to whom I am indebted, but in so many, the Sultan’s soldiers come and tell Sanchar that O brave Sultan Malik Shah wants to do to you. And he is in his palace Looking forward to hearing from you.

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