destan episode 5 urdu subtitles free

destan episode 5 urdu subtitles

Then a man behind him falls into the sea. Hearing the sound of his screams, the molder also staggers but he takes care of himself.After a while the other person also falls.

Now there is a single mold on the wall, after which the foot of the molder falls on the thorns placed on the wall. This causes the molder a lot of pain but he endures the pain to the floor Arrives

destan episode 5 urdu subtitles
destan episode 5 urdu subtitles

Then an esoteric molder is taken down from the wall and removed the rope and blindfold from his hands, then the esoteric commander tells the molder that you have succeeded in the heart without seeing it. Reach the important Maratab of our purpose.destan episode 5 urdu subtitles

Great For the esoteric purposes of Imam Ismail, to end the caliphate of the false caliph of Baghdad and to overcome the bloody Seljuk Sultan. Do you want to follow this difficult path? Hearing this, the molder says, until he dies,

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then the commander ties him a red cloth He says that after the success of this test, you have become our journey. Then he says that after passing many tests, you will go again and ask the door of our king. Then a man comes out of the castle which Sanchar very Seen carefully.

After that, Malik Shah is present at the shrine of his Baba Sultan Al-Aparslan. Then Malik Shah says Baba I have fulfilled the promise I made to you years ago. I have fulfilled my promise Spread the walls to all four corners of the globe,

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then they put the sand in their hands on their Baba’s grave and say, “I have brought it in the sand from the great canals of the world so that I can join my covenant with you.” Pak raises your ranks. Here the molder secretly enters the fort.

And all four sides begin to be examined. Irfan four quickly enters a room and then starts searching the box placed there A belt is found when he ties this belt in his hand, there are some secret pictures in it, then he falls into thought and looks upset.destan episode 5 urdu subtitles

After thinking for a while, he says that means Sultan Malik. The king is considered a devil and intends to eliminate them. Meanwhile, a man comes there.destan episode 5 urdu subtitles

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When he sees the bat in the hand of the molder, he says, it means that you are a spy of Satan, that is, you are a spy of Malik Shah Yes, but the molder ends it without giving any chance.destan episode 5 urdu subtitles

More esoteric soldiers get there and the molder fights bravely and starts to eliminate them too but at the same time a soldier takes advantage of the opportunity to burn this belt in the fire When the molder tries to get the belt out of the fire, he starts attacking one.

destan episode 5 urdu subtitles
destan episode 5 urdu subtitles

But at the same time, a man comes there and kills the soldier. Despite seeing this, the sniper drew his sword on his neck The man who puts it says enemies have attacked us. We have to get out of here. The four Sanchar says who you are and how do you know my name.

The man says my name is Arsalan Tash and tells us who trained us. The man who hears this is us. The template on which it is understood that it is not an esoteric but its companion. When they start to get out of there, they face more soldiers.

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Then Sanchar and Arsalan fight valiantly and start eliminating them too. Eventually after removing them, when they reach the roof, they are confronted with more vanities. Then they compete with them and succeed in eliminating them too.

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Finally, there is a soldier there when they climb the castle wall and look down. Which has a torch in his hand. Seeing it like this, Sanchar seems to be a landmine and he has spread ammunition under it. They are going to destroy quickly.

We have to get out of here quickly. In that case, the soldier throws the torch into the tunnel which is a huge explosion. Seeing this, Sanchar and Arsalan jump into the sea to save their lives.destan episode 5 urdu subtitles

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