Destan Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles Free

Destan Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

They wanted to call me back but I refused. Believe me, I did not say anything and I do not know anything anyway, says the carpenter there. I am sure that you did not pass any information.

If I could, my life and my honor would be in danger. Now we cannot prove this betrayal through Malik Taqsh, so we have to do this through the business people. The agreement reached between them can be disclosed.

I give you the opportunity to remove the doubts and suspicions from you which Ibn Nivia says you will do whatever you want. Sinjar says to you, Thomas.Destan Episode 4 in English Subtitles

Destan Episode 4 in English Subtitles

She will write a letter saying that you want to go back to her but you have a condition and when you go to meet her we will catch her. Libya says she wants to tell us about her alliance, but my saying that I want to come back will not suffice.

Destan Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles
Destan Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Papers When he finds out the papers, he will come running to get them. After listening to Libya, Sinjar says send him a letter as soon as possible and you will see the matter. The rest of the people leave. “I’m glad you’re convinced that Libya is not a traitor,” she told Sinjar.

I don’t like it much but I shouldn’t blame anyone like that. On hearing this, Sinjar says, “My brave lady, you reached the place of attack and helped my soldiers and raised my head with pride.

Destan Episode 4 with Urdu Subtitle

” Then the woman says, “Sinjar, if you do not prove treason, then God willing, your life is also in danger.” The carpenter says. Don’t worry, get off. We want to fight their every game with the help of Allah. Then the young lady asks.

Did you talk to Bashul Wama today? You also told me that maybe one day I will tell you the biggest secret of my life. Tell me what’s bothering you? So the carpenter says that when the time comes, the veil will be lifted from everything.

And you will know what was in my heart. Be patient until then. Saying this, Sinjar Sahib goes to Bishal and Khatun in the tent. Look at the carpenter, says the woman. Tabar’s words pierced my heart like an arrow. I wish she would talk to me and I would explain everything to her.

Saying this, the fellow woman starts coughing loudly due to the discomfort. So Sinjar says don’t worry Amy John God willing this pain will make your illness worse. When your brother’s anger cools down, he will understand you.

Then the flame and the woman asked. Tell me, son, I know what happened. So Sinjar says Ami Jan Malik is a traitor but I have to prove it. I don’t have much time. They’re playing a big game, Amy John. They want to revolt to remove Baba from the throne.

Destan Episode 4 in English by tv25urdu

And that’s what’s bothering me. But for the sake of Baba’s life and the security of the state, we hid this secret in our hearts. I will never let that happen even if my life is lost. Destan Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

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Hearing this, the man and the woman fell in love with the carpenter and said, “Your father is very angry with you and that is why you are upset. I know.” You have done everything in your life with so many years of sorrow but I have not been able to see you, happy son.

So Sinjar, holding the hand of a man and a woman, says, “Ami Jan Allah does not burden anyone more than his strength. We will soon see happy days too. Then she starts coughing and she puts her hand on her chest because of the pain in her chest.

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