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Barbarossa Episode 13 In Urdu Subtitle,For the sake of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,Twelve all the more new entertainers have been added to the cast, however Darwish’s job in the old characters of this play is vital and secretive and many individuals actually fail to see what its identity is.

Barbarossa Episode 13 In Urdu Subtitle

Where does it come from Why is there such a lot of apathy as would be natural for him? What is the past of Darwish and the baffling book that is as of now spinning around the entire story of the dramatization?

What does Darwish have to do with this and more than that Darwish has to do with the Ottoman Empire? It will likewise be on the new characters coming in the dramatization while you will realize what is the most compelling motivation for the low evaluating of the Babru Ashlar show series?

So as a matter of first importance we should discuss Darwish. Right now we just have any familiarity with this job of Darwish. Darwish is a companion and friend of Ustad Suleiman and he is familiar with the mysteries of the book and it is displayed in the play that

Darwish was the person who accumulated the pen and the sword, ie Khidr, and Arooj, and urged them to claim this book and to realize the privileged insights concealed in it and carry these insider facts to the Muslims yet here the inquiry emerges.Barbarossa Episode 13 In Urdu Subtitle

Barbarossa Episode 13 Urdu Subtitle by Tv25Urdu

Who precisely is Darwish and how could he get such a lot of data about the Barbosa siblings? You may likewise review that in a kind of Barbourslar, Darwish gives a ring to Khidr in a cavern that has a place with Khidr’s father.

According to him, the fundamental issue is that no data about Darwish has been given in the dramatization up until now however it appears to be that Yaqub Agha, the dad of Barboursa siblings who was a trooper of Sultan the Conqueror,

Barbarossa Episode 13 In Urdu
Barbarossa Episode 13 In Urdu

then, at that point, Darwish is additionally his buddy. dervish was exceptionally near Sultan the Conqueror, then, at that point, in one scene, Hamza sees a blade in Darwish’s grasp which looks extremely delightful and superb. Barbarossa Episode 13 In English Subtitles

What’s more, when Hamza posed this inquiry, how could you get this knife from Sultan Fatih? So the dervish grins and goes quiet. Thus there is another scene which is of Darwish with its ascent. In this too we get the very impression that Darwish Sultan is a nearby partner of the champion.

Furthermore, he is the trustee of any confidentiality. Furthermore, this is the thing that it seems like when you pay attention to the discussion among them. What’re more watchers, I think hear your point of view here.

Barbarossa Episode 13 Urdu Subtitle by Tv25Urdu

What do you believe is the truth of dervishes? Something we are familiar the connection of Ibrahim’s book with dervishes is that two individuals were protecting this book, one of whom is dervishes and the difference was instructor Suleiman.Barbarossa Episode 13 In English Subtitles

They were securing the book in the most ideal manner yet the issue was that they were both uninformed about the privileged insights contained in the book and there is just one key to address these insider facts and that is the person who knows such sciences which This book will assist with tackling the secrets however one thing is extremely astonishing. Barbarossa Episode 13 In Urdu Subtitle

Assuming Darwish and Ustad Suleiman have been monitoring this book for a really long time why didn’t Darwish have any familiarity with a portion of the pages in this book that Diego has removed from it and when Khidr Darwish was educated with regards to the robbery of these pages. Barbarossa Episode 13 In Urdu Subtitle

Clarifies why the dervishes are shocked as though they have seen this book interestingly from inside in light of the fact that the dervishes tell the educator Suleiman that we are the gatekeepers of this trust and Khidr is the legitimate proprietor of this trust then,

at that point, is it conceivable That Darwish had never seen this book from within. This is making a colossal buzz in the tale of the Barbarossalar series. Yet, it is additionally conceivable that the dervishes can’t comprehend this book,

Barbarossa Episode 13 In English Subtitles by Tv25Urdu

and clearly, man fails to remember what he doesn’t see, so the dervishes are just the watchmen of this book and Will settle the secrets which will be executed eventually, yet how did this book come to Darwish and Ustad Suleiman who named him as its defender?

Furthermore, what is the connection of Darwish with Sultan Fateh? We still can’t seem to know in this play. Presently, as all of you know, numerous old entertainers have been taken out and new jobs have been included Barbar and Zainab, Hamza. , Barbarosslar, and so on,

has been abandoned, and nine all the more new entertainers have been added to take the story higher than ever, and a sum of fourteen old characters have been dispensed with. With the appearance of the new screenwriter Barat and Erdogan, the appraisals of Barbar have likewise improved. Barbarossa Episode 13 In Urdu Subtitle

In any case, the fundamental justification for the low evaluations of the watchers is the dramatization series called Dumb Laar Shakrawa. Which is requiring the second situation in all classifications. Since in all the show series, the main position has a place with Korelshman.Barbarossa Episode 13 In English Subtitles

The issue is that the dramatization series Bezamana is likewise delivered around the same time. The day on which Babarwaslar happens. Also since the fourth period of the show is in progress, the Turkish crowd likes to watch the past dramatization rather than another one,

Barbarossa Episode 13 Urdu Subtitle by Tv25Urdu

while Barbarosslar is the second in all the dramatization series to be broadcasted in Turkey last week. Babel Ashlar is being watched at number two after Barzban, so Barbarsar fans ought not to be concerned on the grounds that it consumes a large chunk of the day for any show to take its place. Barbarossa Episode 13 In English Subtitles

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I might want to converse with your folks about just two characters. Among these nine new characters is an individual named Ikram Gregor. I might want to specify Ikram Gregor on the grounds that in one of my recordings, It was said that in the following portion,

Nek and Khidr will be sold out when Arooj Island will be detained by the Knights of Roads, however rather than making Nico a swindler, Reuters has incorporated a person named Gregor in the play. Barbarossa Episode 13 In Urdu Subtitle

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