Barbarossa Episode 14 In Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Barbarossa Episode 14 In UrduAt the beginning of this episode, you will see Isaac’s house with his soldiers at night after which he tells them that all loved ones are very happy to see a place after which he says to Khidr.

Look, blacksmith, now we can fulfill all the incomplete calculations, in response to which Khidr says, “I have no account left by you. When you reached me, I blew the teaser.” A Will fly again in response to which he says at night But I have come to get the book of Solomon.

Barbarossa Episode 14 In Urdu Subtitle

Give it to me. I will go. You will all die. Hearing this, Khidr says, “You touch someone without going through my body.” Will not get it. At the same time, Hamza also comes from within and says to him at night after seeing him.

You have also come. That is, everything has become better. Then he says, “Do not extend the word to Solomon.” Do and save your life. After hearing this, Asta Suleiman says, “I am ready. If I have to die tonight, they will die.”

Barbarossa Episode 14 In Urdu
Barbarossa Episode 14 In Urdu

They will attack him as soon as they hear what is the best way for a time from the light of Allah. ۔ Seeing this, Nico takes Hamza inside and a big fight starts there. Here Shaheen says to Noor. Everyone knows very well.

Barbarossa Episode 14 In English Subtitles

From now on, this ship and this prisoner who is free from your hands are both mines. After the wounded Hassan says Reiss allow me and Moses to fight these humiliations. Muscat says Baba Upraz let us.Barbarossa Episode 14 In Urdu

We will breathe their breaths into the throat. But Uprising tells Shaheen not to bother us too much. Take the ship and yours Measure the way. Once we reach the land. Then we will see who the ascension is.Barbarossa Episode 14 In Urdu

In response, Shaheen says. Work on the ground can also take place at sea. But don’t forget I will wait for you. A soldier during the fight here Widely strikes Solomon. Which causes them to be very injured.Barbarossa Episode 14 In Urdu Subtitle

Barbarossa Episode 14 Urdu Subtitle by Tv25Urdu

Here at night and the battle of Khidr continues but at the same time, Sikh gives a voice to Khidr and runs away from there at night to Khidr Suleiman Comes and gives a voice to Zainab Zainab checks him and says no with his eyes.

Go to the Madli fort and tell the soldiers so that they can catch them. Khidr says to be patient. The teacher answers Master Solomon. We are very patient. Now it is your turn. My soul is gone. But thank God.Barbarossa Episode 14 In Urdu

I did not give that trust to these traitors. Promise me that now you will protect the trust. I promise the teacher I will find it and take care of it. Then Master Suleiman Karma becomes a martyr of reading.

Here Elias says to the rise. Will we stand like this? The chief kills them all but at the same time rises. The sight falls on a distant boat that belongs to the Peters. Looking at the Pietro telescope here, he says that there are two ships there.

Barbarossa Episode 14 Urdu Subtitle by Tv25Urdu

This is not a good sign at all. Abu Muhammad may be on one of them. Someone from us is already in motion. Diego says who they can be. Pico says clothes are not visible but they look Muslim.Barbarossa Episode 14 In Urdu

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Then Pietro says I think they are going to attack each other. We are their people We will wait for the end and thus our work will be easier. But at Diego’s request, he says, “Come on, we don’t wait here.”Barbarossa Episode 14 In Urdu

We go back because our life is so important. Here seems to say to Shaheen This man is very important to you. If there is power, come and get rid of me, but the rise remains silent and does not answer, after which they leave.Barbarossa Episode 14 In Urdu

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