Alp Arslan Episode 9 in Urdu & English Subtitles free

Alp Arslan Episode 9 in Urdu.Target says you are in a snake’s den and you don’t know. If the mother starts to walk, she does not go away Goes Dargat picks it up and says you owe me again.alp arslan episode 9 with urdu subtitles

Bari says doesn’t like to be indebted. I will get your debt off soon. If the sick soldiers shoot arrows at the Target there, they forbid them. Car blue Asks are you ok Mali says yes I’m fine to Bring the core.Alp Arslan Episode 9 in Urdu

Andreas asks the pastor what he said. At the same time, the brave man listens at his door to hear what is happening inside. Pastor Ahmed tells Riaz That Usman knows that the piece is of the slab on which Jesus was wanted.

alp arslan episode 9 with urdu subtitles

The brave hear it and find someone and leave. Andrias says to the pastor, If Usman has found out, then he will never return our holy trust to us. Qazi says Usman wants, us to go to the village on the outskirts of Castellan.

There are all Orthodox Christians. Riyadh says, “Will we now do what Usman tells us to do?” So that we can win the trust of Usman. I Gul was fixing her tent. Jar Nakhsh sees him on the roof of the tent and says with a smile.Alp Arslan Episode 9 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 9 in urdu
Alp Arslan Episode 9 in urdu

Today I will say the word of my heart in one breath. Then the four shortcomings go to the flower and say what I forgot Given to you tomorrow is a flower of secret and the one who is given that flower is told a secret.

My secret is to marry me. The mad girl hears this and takes out the flower and returns it to four Kotai. This secret is too big for both of us. Four shortcomings and then the crying goes away. Jarkata gets sad. Kamal who was watching it all says.

alp arslan episode 9 in urdu subtitles

You revealed your secret Jar Kotai. What do you think is love? This is the name of the pain. Love-made kings beggars. Just don’t give up love. Jar Kotai goes to the running well and pours a bucket of water over him.

The waist is called. It’s time for you to burn. The pastor arrives at the village where Usman told him to go. Everyone in the village is very happy to see it. And meet the faith.alp arslan episode 9 with urdu subtitles

The pastor starts praying to them and telling them that when I was running away from the emperor’s wrath I had many plans in mind. Then luck mixed me with Usman Day.alp arslan episode 9 with urdu subtitles

One person says sorry Papa Grecord but why did you choose the reader tribe instead of living in the castle? Why didn’t you go to Nicola?? He values Sharifa. Says Nicola doesn’t do as you think.Alp Arslan Episode 9 in Urdu

alp arslan Episode 9 english by tv25urdu

He would throw me in front of him to gain power from the emperor. Another person says it makes sense not to go to the courses in the context because he is also close to the emperor but Jaga’s friend was your appreciation.alp arslan episode 9 with urdu subtitles

Why didn’t you go there? The pastor says he also preferred power over me but Uthman Bhai protected me and made me believe that I was safe with him. I saw in interest that his attitude was not only discriminatory against me but he valued all the people here.

I don’t care about you. I am very sorry to hear about the condition of the church but Usman Bay has kept the house in interest as if it were his own holy place of worship. A man says it’s true I have a blueprint in interest he’s very happy they pay fewer taxes too.alp arslan Episode 9 english

A man listens to all this and leaves to inform Nicola. Nicola has engaged in sculpture that the man came to Nicola and told her that the pastor addressed the people of your village and praised Usman Bhai.alp arslan episode 9 with urdu subtitles

People were listening intently to the pastor. Nicola signals to his commander so he leaves after seeing the man for a few days of sleep. Says Mr. Pastor is still in the village. We can get it. Nicola says we have nothing to do with the pastor now.alp arslan episode 9 with urdu subtitles

There is something more important than the pastor. Which Usman has. Usman knows that the pastor is of no importance without this trust. That’s why he sent the judge like that. I think Usman knows where our caravan is coming from.alp arslan episode 9 with urdu subtitles

But he doesn’t know I know it. Deploy your men in the village. I will surprise Usman this time. Too much surprise. Brave tells you what you wanted to know I brought his information is a piece of the cross on which Jesus (PBUH) gets up and asks

Alp Arslan Episode 9 in Urdu by tv25urdu

what you said Brave repeats his word So the courses say you don’t know how important information you have given then at the behest of the courses his soldier gives the gold bag to the brave then the courses say it is just for information you think

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if you load that thing on me How much I will give you Brave says I will try courses say Jaza and punishment are one. If you come empty-handed you may wonder what might happen to you. After the departure of the brave, the courses tell Mari that Usman is exceeding his limits.

It has captured the hearts of Christians. Mari says this is something you should have. Courses say that if we get it, not the whole room will bow before me. Usman tells everyone in Jirga that the efforts of the Malham have given us the news of a big caravan.alp arslan episode 9 with urdu subtitles

Who has left Damascus? Nicola, Coethas, also has equipment here, which is ten times larger than the previous caravan. That caravan will go to the village of Castellan. David says, but the bomb can get that caravan without passing through our land.alp arslan episode 9 with urdu subtitles

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