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destan episode 6 urdu subtitles.Nicola says I won’t let that happen. I will do the caravan myself. Then the effort says I’m pretty sure of your success Nicola. Nicola says I will not even allow Nicola Usman to touch this caravan.

I swear. Then comes the manifestation of Haram Kaya Fort. The women of the persuasive tribe had arrived at the fort with Kaline. The High Court tells a soldier to report to Mari. We have brought their desired carpet.destan episode 6 urdu subtitles

destan episode 6 urdu subtitles by tv25urdu

Saying this, she gets off the horses and begins to explore the castle. After a while, Mari arrives there and says, “Temonist woman, you surprised me. Welcome. The teacher says. Thank you. I brought myself to the colony.destan episode 6 urdu subtitles

I gave the carpet. I say goodbye. Then I meet Gul.” This is Usman’s uncle’s daughter Mari greets him and then says go inside. Then it is known that other women walk inwards with Mari. On the other hand, Usman was saying in Sughat.destan episode 6 urdu subtitles

Now this booty is these people. Distributed those who are in trouble due to the breach of the agreement of the governors. The merchants are happy to hear this and thank Usman then Usman says don’t worry, new trade routes will be found if needed And new deals will be made.

destan episode 6 urdu subtitles
destan episode 6 urdu subtitles

You all have satisfaction. On the other hand, every Manqaya was mari in the fort. Your syrup is wonderful. I am grateful to you. Then she knows that the carpet that was ready. We have brought.destan episode 6 urdu subtitles

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Mari says you did well. You know, governors don’t know about this trade. Knows, I know for sure. So how will you receive the rest of the carpets? So we say there is no trade caravan coming in the near future.destan episode 6 urdu subtitles

If so, you hide in the caravan’s luggage It is better to wait a while for the shipment. In so much Cornelia says the huge convoy coming from Syria who is bringing all the governors’ belongings would be angry to hear that it is not coming And after Cornelia signals to go,

Mother G says Kara has a misunderstanding that the caravan will not pass through the Turkish boundaries. Then the knower says then we will be waiting for the message from you mother. When you say we will deliver the carpets.destan episode 6 english subtitles

Then the accursed stand up and say to you, we were very happy with the trade and friendship. be happy. We say I know the lady Mackay I will always be waiting for you. Then the accursed and other women go back.destan episode 6 english subtitles

It was time for lunch in the Qai tribe. The omission was disturbing. Seeing this, Burhan says, “Why aren’t you eating?” Kunja asks? Don’t you like food So Jir Kutai says there is no such thing as a trap in my throat that does not descend to the water

destan episode 6 by tv25urdu

Can Burhan says then what is the problem brother tell us a little jirga says my grief is very big brother and his treatment is very beautiful. Hearing this, Burhan and Gonja start smiling then Jirga says come my tongue in front of the woman It’s not a word I want to marry her.

Tell me how you guys got married? Tell me a way? The crisis says my marriage was very difficult, brother. Do this by standing in front of him and saying your thing in one breath.destan episode 6 urdu subtitles

Without talking around, the jirga says in amazement, in one breath, Gonja says yes, hearing this, Jagatai falls into thought. The woman above on the other hand was in love with Orhan. And was saying. How fast is Mashaullah Burhan growing up?.

destan episode 6 urdu subtitles
destan episode 6 urdu subtitles

Know says yes! Now her clothes are starting to fall even smaller. After a while, Usman enters and welcomes both. Then Usman picks up Oran and falls in love with him. And he says, “Allah and Han, then she knows.destan episode 6 urdu subtitles

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We have handed over the cleanliness to them.” Praise be to Allaah. عsays The accursed man then hands over his son to the upper lady and then the honorable woman gives the gold coin to the potlif Uthman.destan episode 6 urdu subtitles

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Uthman thanks him and sits on the reptile seat and says tell me the little lady of the harem Kayah Fort Ahwal knows how to say Mari Kaline is very happy to see the Holy Prophet. She said she could end the matter before it came to the notice of the governors.

A huge and important caravan is coming from Syria. It contains the wealth of all governors. Usman says. I was sure you would not come back empty handed, ma’an lady. stay safe. Now I will teach them a lesson that they will know what it means to keep an eye on the wolf’s diet?

Bala asks what are you thinking Usman Sahib? So Usman says it is necessary to use Pastor Gra Gore to make it a reality. We have achieved it with great difficulty. Now it’s time to take advantage.

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