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Destan episode 7 urdu subtitles.Let me go who says if you tell me what you are doing here I will get out of your way. Sanjar says to him. My friend in Zandan says I have come to redeem him. This is the name of the woman.

Do you understand why you slapped my father? In fact, you are a spy of the talkers. They hear the sound of the coming of the soldier. So Sanjar says you think wrong. If I am caught, you know nothing.

Destan episode 7 in urdu subtitles Historic Series

They will listen and later regret it. When they hear this, they grab Anjar by the hand and take him to one side. The heads that the soldiers make around the Sultan this year and some soldiers put their swords around the woman’s neck.Destan episode 7 urdu subtitles

Destan episode 7 urdu subtitles
Destan episode 7 urdu subtitles

When I look back at the Sultan, a snake is tormented by the oil of the woman there. Seeing the snake, Sultan says to the spray. Put back your swords. Hearing this request, all the soldiers retreat and another woman.

Destan episode 7 urdu subtitles by tv25urdu

The country says from outside I was the target of my arrow which was going to harm the Sultan. Princess Sahib on it as the Sultan goes ahead and says you proved with your Aqabi eyes and the right target that you are an expert hunter.

But the next arrow will be cautious as it turns towards Stan. Instead of arrows, we will be warned with our voices first. Otherwise, another arrow can hunt you down. On the other hand that exists with that in the room.Destan episode 7 urdu subtitles

And says when the time comes you will know the truth. If I just told you, you would reveal my secret. Saying this, the Tarla woman puts the dagger on the Sanjar’s throat. And that you can’t go a step further without telling me the truth.Destan episode 7 urdu subtitles

Sanjar says that soon Das will come to see Dildar first and I will not be able to save my friend. Let me go When she doesn’t listen, Sanjar takes out a piece of cloth and says, “I’m sorry.” As soon as Rahtan faints, he goes to the door of Zindan.

Destan episode 7 english subtitles

From behind, two soldiers put their swords around Anjar’s neck. Seeing the soldiers, Sun Jhat gets upset. Meanwhile there are two soldiers And when they come, they throw the two soldiers on the ground. This is an ignorance.

Asks Rangi who you are. A soldier says we are Haji’s men. Get them out of here. We do our job By doing so they take the soldier lying on the ground from there and enter Sanjhat Zandan where Aslan is exhausted with cards and Rustam wounds.

Destan episode 7 by tv25urdu

Sanjar goes ahead and opens the hand of Arsalan Taj and Rustam asks you here. How to get in Sanjha and his hands are lost on it and he says now is the time to get out of here. Do you guys have the strength to compete? The young Aslan says Tash. We will compete, God willing.

His arms are from the three living Come out A few steps away, they face Umairah Tabark. And the soldiers attack them without stopping. But they bravely fight the three soldiers without weapons.Destan episode 7 urdu subtitles

Destan episode 7 english subtitles

And turn the field of Hewlett into a battlefield Are Meanwhile, when the soldier attacks the master, Sanjar grabs his sword to save himself. Due to which the hand of the Sanjar is badly cut. After a long battle, manage to get on the ground and then Fast forward from there.

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The country and the Turkan horse are lying on the unconscious ground near the car. At that moment, the minor regains consciousness. He is seen coming towards him by some horsemen. Picks up and stands in front of them.

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