Barbarossa Episode 16 In Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Barbarossa Episode 16 In Urdu.Soldiers towards them As soon as they are attracted, Sanjar Aslan Tash and Rustam run away. The audience will then see the head sitting in the forest. Meanwhile, he is sitting and saying what on the hunt.Barbarossa Episode 16 In English Subtitles

I thought before returning to his palace Provide you with information. I have received so much valuable information that all the work we have done to date is not the same. Talk about it. When the head arrives, the lesson reaches Badni who tells about the secret contingent.

Barbarossa Episode 16 In Urdu Subtitles

Secret Hearing the contingent says you have brought us information that through it we will not only break the arms of the Joke Empire but also get our own things from the Byzantines when the time comes.Tv25Urdu

Barbarossa Episode 16 In Urdu

On the other hand, Sultan Elcher is present in the hunting tent with the lady and the queen bar. Meanwhile, Amir Abdul Qasim Hanpata comes there trembling. Seeing this is called Sultan. Well, Abdul Qasim. Why are the winds flying on your face? It is called Uber Qasim.Tv25Urdu

Barbarossa Episode 16 Urdu Subtitle by Tv25Urdu

The Sultan saw us lying upside down on the way. Inside were two women, Orohtarkan and a woman from the country. Hearing this, the Sultan’s eyes are open and he stands up and says, “What are you saying? What is his job on the way to Abu al-Qasim?”

Jaber Abu al-Qasim says he was injured I was a sultan so I didn’t get a chance to ask. I sent them to the palace. When they hear this, the sultans get very upset and leave with Malik Tabar.After the departure of the Sultan, the Sheikh woman says to Abul Qasmi,

Barbarossa Episode 16 In English Subtitles

which is an acre in you This is due to your deception to sit on my Baba’s throne but when the time comes for reckoning we know how to think everything. Hearing this, Amir Abu Qasim leaves without answering. Meanwhile, Amir al-Tabrir bursts over his soldiers

he goes to the reins of Sanjar and the prisoners in Ramadan. Meanwhile there the soldier takes the name of the Tarna woman. Amir al-Tabrir gets upset when he hears this. The Prime Minister, on the other hand, is present in his secret hideout. Meanwhile, there is a pigeon and cover.

Barbarossa Episode 16 In Urdu Subtitles

And the soldier takes the letter out of the pigeon’s foot and gives it to the Prime Minister. When the Prime Minister reads the letter, it is written in the letter. Shaheen took the prey and got out of the cage. As soon as he reads this, a smile appears on the Prime Minister’s face. And they say.

Sanja My Sherwah is bandaging Arsalan Taj Sanjar’s hand in the forest while sitting at some distance Rustam is washing his face. Seeing Sanj wake up and upset, Arsalan says Tash. As soon as Bahram arrives, our goal will be fulfilled. Then why are you so upset? I say goodbye to it.

Barbarossa Episode 16 In English Subtitles

In the palace, I was stopped by Amir Zadi. I forced him to faint. If he mentions my name in October, there will be a problem. Arsalan Taj also gets upset when he hears this. Meanwhile, it happens there. And says while loving Rustam. Thankfully you’re back safe.Tv25Urdu

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Says looking at Rustam on it. Sir, we are grateful to this Mr. After hearing this, Bahrain is with Sanjar and says that you have bravely put fear in the heart of the traitorous al-Tabar on the one hand and increased our strength on the other. Stay safe Then Rustam Arsalan says to Tash.

This brave man did not take a word out of his mouth despite the dawning of the treacherous Artbar. Hearing this, Mehran Arsalan Tash says to Sufan Jan. You have proved everything that is our goal Is necessary.Barbarossa Episode 16 In English Subtitles

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