Alp Arslan Episode 10 in Urdu & English Subtitles free

Alp Arslan Episode 10 in Urdu.The Great which you will see at the beginning of the audience subsidy about season one’s Absort number five. A dove sits in a cage in the forest, meanwhile, the traitorous soldier of the woman’s qiblah comes there.

Pulls out a letter from the pigeon’s feet and reads the letter and says, “Take your life and I will do a great service to the inner purpose.” Ga enters the courtyard of the Jockey Palace with his companions and as soon as I arrive they all get off the horses.

alp arslan episode 10 with urdu subtitles

Sanjar has long seen the palace in which his Sultan’s father and Prince Bhai live. In the interior of the courtyard, The Sultan says to Malikabad. Special guards will go with you. Their commander will be my trusted person.

Alp Arslan Episode 10 in Urdu
Alp Arslan Episode 10 in Urdu

Your work is difficult but you have the power to dominate them. The distant Sanjar would talk to his father and brother with great jealousy Is watching Sattar then bids prayers to Malik Tabar and leaves him and as soon as he looks at Sanjar, Sanjar burns his hand on his chest.

alp arslan episode 10 in urdu subtitles

Coming back to what you are the commander of the guards says Sanjar Absolutely Prince I am saying the country bar on this we have to get out soon then all these people get on horseback and leave from there. Viewers will see you at night in the next scene Prince Tabar.

He is lying in the forest with his companions while Sanjar sits with his brother Fazal. Malik Tabar says you have gained the trust of the Sultan but how did you succeed in this I was surprised what Ibn Sanjar says yes employee man Malik Sahib we do our duty as a duty.

alp arslan Episode 10 english by tv25urdu

The rest of the Sultan then I write the newspaper. When I was younger, Baba used to take me to a complaint with my brother. The audience shows that the Sultan also has another son. You will know about it going forward. I say more and more of the country.

Baba teaches us where to hide and which cave is trusted. Did your father teach you this?? This sounds like a strong blow to the noun. And then says something thinking. My father taught me everything. They taught me to be an empire. I call it the newspaper of the country.

alp arslan episode 10 with urdu subtitles

Our empire is huge. For someone who calls the shadow of the father and for someone the lap of the mother then the border of the country is your mother alive? So Sa Anjar says. Al-Hamdallah is alive. The country says to the bar. I grew up in the lap of the empire.

I became the prince of such a large empire. But I always missed mom’s scent. I wanted to know mom’s scent. But when I was very young she died. That’s why when I hear dust I consider it mother’s scent. By saying all this, Queen Abad becomes very sad. Hi, Ray luck.

alp arslan Episode 10 english

The two brothers are sitting face to face. In the case of a prince and in the case of another employee, One mask and the other away from the father. In the palace, the Sultan militia is sitting with Prime Minister Nizam Al-Nak and playing chess.

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The Sultan says I remember the day I took the throne. I chose the right person that day But Haji Nizam al-Nat asks. Who do you think is the right man today? Sultan says, when the time comes, my children will see him.

This is called Nizam-ul-Nak. The skill of Tabhar and your eldest son Ro will be seen by everyone The Sultan says with a whisper. All my children, Haji, that is, the audience still remembers the Sultan as his child Sanjar.

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