Destan episode 8 urdu subtitles free

Destan episode 8 urdu subtitles.Gers War approaches the princess and stops her blondes and the princess says. Are you an abandoner of the ego towel? The equestrian commander says don’t worry, we don’t rebel. Destan episode 8 in urdu subtitles

Amir Abu Al-Qasim then looks at the big Turkan on the ground and asks who you are. When he hears this, Muhammad says. I am a princess and this is the woman I need from my mother Sultan Malik Shah, We will deliver you to the palace very soon,

Destan episode 8 in urdu subtitles

Then Abdul Qasim says to his spend, Deliver the Sultan’s wife and daughter to the right safe palace. I will go and report to Sultan Malik Shah. Saying this, Amir Abdul Qasim leaves. Viewers will then see you. The woman is present in her tent.

Destan episode 8 urdu subtitles
Destan episode 8 urdu subtitles

Meanwhile, they see an arrow standing on Sanja’s pillow. So she picks up the arrow with a tail. At the same time, their eyes fell on the part of the tent that had cut the meat and entered. Seeing the cut of the tent leaves the eyes of the human being open.

Destan episode 8 urdu subtitles by tv25urdu

On the other hand, Sardar Gul Khud sits down with his son and daughter and eats. At that moment there comes the conscious woman and the arrow that meets the bed of the jar The piece is angrily thrown in front of the Sardar Gul. Destan episode 8 in urdu subtitles

The chiefs themselves stand on it tomorrow with oil. And say what happened to Bashar and the woman. So the conscious woman says. He saw it in a three-month pillow. Definitely, something in this room There is sinister people. Cut off my tent from the back and let them in.

Destan episode 8 english subtitles

Where are the men of this camouflage missing? Hearing this, the chief asks the Kirkat, who has come to the tribe.then the son of the chief Kalkad responds with a tail first, and tomorrow The incoming merchants have spent the night in Qibla.

Sir, hearing this, Sardar Kurtut looks angrily at the program, saying, “The Holy One, the horses of their horses were broken. So we allowed them to stay here one night.” The chiefs say but before they leave they have done their work then roar and say:

Destan episode 8 by tv25urdu

Can you not even set an expire to monitor them? In my absence, you will protect the tribe like this now you will have the next ten nights. If you guard, where and where is the punishment of the cheapener in your duty? Forty lashes. Destan episode 8 in urdu subtitles

Then the flame woman takes a piece of an arrow from the chief and leaves the tent and goes straight to the place where she gets there. All the arrows are thrown to the ground and she says angrily. Destan episode 8 in urdu subtitles

Destan episode 8 in urdu subtitles

The enemy entered your brother’s tent and you are engaged in this work and then giving the arrow to Ban and says as soon as possible. Seen in her pillow, obviously, he is threatening her around to intimidate her. She has to be careful. The bulb asks her whose job it is.

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The woman says we have doubts about the merchants living in the qiblah last night. Hearing this, Arsalan hides a place in Ramadan with Taj Rustam and Sanjar, while Sanjar’s companions are also present around and tell Rustam to enter and exit shortly after.

Close We have to get out as soon as possible. At that moment a soldier comes there and the commander of the soldier says, “I am a silent animal. I present them to the living or dead Amir al-Tabr.” Destan episode 8 in urdu subtitles

He fills the front and receives loud corn from the commander, and then as soon as the malicious meat runs away, the soldiers run after him. But on the other hand, they are knocked down by a net.Destan episode 8 in urdu subtitles

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