The Great Seljuk Alp Arslan Episode 3 in Urdu

The Great Seljuk Alp Arslan Episode 3 in Urdu,At the start of this scene, you will see Alparslan and his heroes were cleaning up at one spot, after which he says do you figure Gohar Sultan will assist us with finding the catcher Alparslan says that we should converse with him first by going to the group

Then we will know whether or not he was about it, after which he begins leaving from that point, in the meantime a white pony flees from that point, on seeing this, the pony of Alparslan, whose name is Carabe, begins running for him.

Seeing that the fearless ones likewise begin pursuing him, the white pony was going to somebody and the pony of Alparslan was additionally behind him, after which the white pony stops almost a well, during which a voice comes from inside the well, which is heard.

The Great Seljuk Alp Arslan Episode 3 in Urdu

Alparslan says did you additionally hear the sound after which he takes out his blade and comes nearer to the well when he glimpses inside the well then a young lady was available there young lady says save me help me.The Great Seljuk Alp Arslan Episode 3 in Urdu

The Great Seljuk Alp Arslan Episode 3
The Great Seljuk Alp Arslan Episode 3

it says seeing that implies this pony needs us to help his companion, after which Alparslan lets the young lady know What are you searching for here The young lady says that you are following me, save me from their appearance,

in the wake of hearing this, stop, I will tell you, after which Alparslan attaches a solid material to the pony’s neck and its opposite finish to the well Throws it inside in light of the fact that the young lady needs more to hold her

and come up Alparslan himself goes down After descending Alpraslan says you hold my athletic immovably and don’t leave whatever occurs, after which Alperslan plays the city On hearing this, Carabay begins pulling the rope.alp arslan episode 3 in urdu

alp arslan episode 3 in urdu

Alperslan lets the young lady know where are you from and for what reason are they heathens following you. Assuming it occurs, a bolt comes from somebody and hits the pony, because of which the pony returns and Alparslan falls once again into the well,

after they had reached there, when that material beginnings cutting with a blade, meanwhile a bolt comes and kills him, after which Alparslan had reached there. The battle begins, not long after Alberslan likewise comes out, after which he additionally begins to kill those unbelievers.

Hearing what your name is, that young lady swoons and Alperslan gets her and afterward says sir, we need to escape this woodland quickly, this might be the space of the infidels.After they leave from that point,

a rug is available in the faction with Farosh, after which she says to that floor covering, many thanks, Khalil Sahib, request that the warriors do this inside, you have come from a long excursion, you probably been drained. The Great Seljuk Alp Arslan Episode 3

Eat and take rest, Tajir Khalil says thank you kindly, during this time the drum of the family plays and Alparsan comes to there with his spirits, every one individual of the clan accumulate in the wake of seeing them, after which Alparshan says quickly call Tabeeb Saljan.

Hearing this, Saljan Khatoon advises a young lady to promptly proceed to illuminate her girl’s camp, after which she takes that young lady, meanwhile, anything comes inside, says who is this young lady, sibling Alparshan says,

I don’t have a clue who is there and Where is it with regards to cognizance, then, at that point, we will realize that Al-Parslaan comes out saying this, was lying outside in an injured condition, seeing what it says,

The Great Seljuk Alp Arslan Episode 3 in Urdu

will it be sound, says bolt has been taken out and treatment The swathe has been done yet its injury is extremely profound, hearing this Nizamul says that it will before a long return as your arm. From that point onward,

he leaves from that point, after which he says that it isn’t just my pony, yet my sibling is my companion and my arm is there, after that it is evening, another one was available in his camp and he was making a few guides. The Great Seljuk Alp Arslan Episode 3

Simultaneously, she was likewise checking out the floor covering that she had purchased Tajir Khalil, in the wake of making pictures on it for some time, she begins thinking, here Alparsla was telling Chakri Sahib, she is from the young lady who fled from the unbelievers.

I was stowing away, in any case, we came to there on schedule. Chakri Sahib says that it is the injury that is coursing through our body ceaselessly. ALP-arslan says that one day by the order of Allah, this injury will be there, after which Chakri says.

Educate me regarding the snare you looked coming. Hearing this, Alparshan makes me think. Here in the Salzuki castle, everybody was eating and conversing with one another, after which

Sultan Haji lets Dehastani know arrangements for the assault Haji Dhastani.It is said that the arrangements for the assault are approaching consummation, yet I figure it will be imperative to send Anathulya to the land first.

The Great Seljuk Alp Arslan Episode 3

On hearing this, Kunduri says that we have effectively visited the place where there is my Amanatullah, I think just to send the examination there.

It will be an ideal opportunity to hear this and say that we have not gone to the land for quite a long time, my Sultan, our Lashkar might need to confront another person, Kunduri begins saying something subsequent to hearing this,

yet during this time Sultan says that I have an order that during our time. After that Suleman says Sultan If you wouldn’t fret, then, at that point, Hasan ought to be made the individual to take stock Sultan says alright May Allah advance simple, then,

at that point, Kunduri says My Sultan, our fearless men never driven us crazy, however they didn’t get back to Anatulya before that Ibrahim Yanal, who knows Anaatullah and has battled a conflict in him, hears that Sultan says boisterously while hitting the table with outrage.

The Great Seljuk Season 2 Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles

do you by any chance realize that you What am I saying Kunduri Don’t you realize that Yanal is the person who defied his sultanate by carrying his recommendation to the vehicle

Don’t you realize that we can’t entrust him With what dithering are you taking his name on this Get lost preceding my eyes, Kunduri says sorry subsequent to hearing this Sultan after which he leaves from that point,

here Chaudhary sahib is telling Alpar Islam are you certain that this snare was finished by Ghazni individuals says Alparslan This is the thing that the proof is uncovering however there is by all accounts some stunt in this

Chaudhary sahab says who can help other than the heathens by drawing in with ghazlies, perhaps we should ponder this Alparslan says tomorrow I will discuss this issue Will go to Ghazni to meet my sister, here that young lady had woken up,

Makki Tv Seljuk

after which she tells her are you fine, the young lady says I am fine yet where am I says you are in the Marway tribe, you were oblivious when she presented to you my name what is your name young lady says my name is aksha

here alp Arslan in my camp During this time he hears a pony, that is, in the wake of hearing his pony Caraba, Alberslan runs out of there, when he comes out and sees that he was eating grass, Alberslan turns out to be exceptionally glad and says that after which Comes near her,

in the meantime she comes around there and says that she has applied new treatment, Alparshan pivots and sees her, seeing her in the garments of her group, Alberslaan gets lost someplace and was checking out her, after which she returns once more.

Starts applying medication to the pony and says that now our record is equivalent since you saved my life, then, at that point, I said that Allah concurs with both of you, Alparshan says who are you, where are you and what is your name, she says my name

There is Aksha, I am one of those clans who have been residing like detainees for quite a while, somebody planned to sell me from that point by making, so I fled from that point, meanwhile likewise comes there and seeing Aksha says

alp arslan episode 3 in urdu by Makki Tv Seljuk

This dress looks exceptionally decent on you, after that she says to Alpar Islam, assuming you permit, I need to have it I will be in my camp, at any rate I stay alone,

what do you think Alparslan says subsequent to hearing this Alparslan implies child of Chaudhary Sahib, after which she says to Alparslan I am sorry sir I didn’t know you Alparslan says now

The Great Seljuk Alp Arslan Episode 2
The Great Seljuk Alp Arslan Episode 2
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See this family is your group and Chaudhary sahib is your tribal leader, see Khaima is additionally prepared for you, during this time Nizamul Mulk likewise comes there with bold individuals and starts conversing with them,

after which they say ponies are men, Alparslan says Well after that Alberslan gets on the Karabe and leaves from that point with his punches. Makki Tv Seljuk

Here in Annie Kill Manus was telling his child Yanis that a few Turks are seen riding in the hand of Vasturakan, take your crew and Surround them so they know what they need

Yanis says which is your order my baba after which he leaves from that point Alpirslan had arrived at Ghaznavi castle with his bold men, in the interim Gohar comes to Khatoon says Alparslaan is my dad alright? Alparslan says Baba is fine,

The Great Seljuk Alp Arslan Episode 3 in Urdu

my sister, however, our warriors who were en route to the conflict were assaulted coming, Gohar expresses what happened then Alparslan says Arbaz Khan was harmed yet presently she is fine,

Gauhar Khatoon says as much you Why are you looking so disturbed Alparslan says the individuals who assaulted us had Ghazni bolts, Bozan says subsequent to hearing this Ghazni bolts Nizamul says to Bozan,

would you say you are not the legislative leader of the boundaries, so how are you careless in regards to this? How might those double crossers have the fortitude that they have reached here by maintaining the mystery of assessment,

Bozan says subsequent to hearing this, I am exploring now and discover who did this, give personal time till evening, till then you remain our visitor. Makki Tv

On hearing this, AlP Islam says assuming you don’t address the matter, then, at that point, you realize that your head will be passed over. What is the name of the mountain, says Hasan Hassan

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