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Obliged on this he says I will not at any point excuse you, let me in on what you want from me, Patro says we will take you to the city of fly in Rome, and right after coming to there he will tell you thoroughly

how you want to help him And hearing that he will do everything to fulfill every one of your dreams, Abu Muhammad says that I will not at any point serve the pope, then, Patro says that your words or your longings don’t have any effect.

Right when we show up, we will make you in such a condition that I am sure you will find unbelievable satisfaction in serving the Pope and joining our inspiration. After this, Abu Mohammad is taken from the front of their archetypes.

Barbaroslar Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles Tv 25 Urdu

Furthermore, says around evening time we will take Abbu Mohammed to Rome anyway Urooj most likely got this show on the road to take him. Our boats can not persevere through such attacks, sir. So Patro says I have at this point settled this issue this evening. Silve will settle the matter for the prosperity of.

Of course, Patro’s trooper Alphe tells Silvio, Patro sir needs you to set up the warship immediately. He will take the book and Abu Muhammad to Rome. On this Silvi asks as to why do you truly need a warship? While they can similarly take them both from the boats they have. In like manner, the fighter says that the Turks can attack us coming.

Just to vain their attack. Speedily set up Unita’s warships and send them all to Jazeera-e-Karpatos so they will keep it together for Patro Saheb there. Silvio then, asks concerning why just Carbatos Jazeera? All the same regardless. So he says because Patro sahib needn’t bother with Unita’s warship to be seen in Kalymnos.

He will take them to Rome from Jazeera-e-Carbatos. What’s more, a short time later finally agrees. Of course, there are more requests of holy people in the forest area. What’s more, a short time later, directly following leaving the request, the dervish says, enduring is a particularly good and high time.

Barbaroslar Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles
Barbaroslar Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles

The holy person appears in the court of Allah Tala following planning the injury on his body like a tag, numerous people look at the enduring with full eyes. May Allah give grace toward the spirits of our kin. So be it, then, says Urooj. They are at present on their trip to the Hereafter.

Barbarossa Episode 10 In English Subtitles Tv 25 Urdu

Furthermore, it is our commitment that the justification behind which these holy people have been martyred is to reach them well and with due dauntlessness. Their blood should not go to the ground, our heads will be more grounded than already and our hearts will be more grounded than beforehand.

On the other hand, Jafar is playing wagering in Sarai’s food, and so forth, and comes there and directly grabs his entombment chamber and a short time later when his accomplices keep on saving Jafar.

Ilyas and Khizar close their mouth, this Uruj asks whom did you tell that we will take Abu Muhammad, this he becomes absent and says, I don’t know what you are mumbling on this. People of mine killed the officials like my kin,

I will cut your meat into pieces rather than everyone’s life, tell whom did you tell yet he dismisses that Uruj slaps him hard and after that Silvio Comes there and with this, he starts looking at the gold kept on Jafar’s table, then, Selve f Shouting says who are you,

going to my motel and doing such a show says likewise this canine gave someone that we were going towards Abu Muhammad, because of this we were caught and a part of my heroes After this, a scene is shown through flashback in which Jaffer Selve was having a conversation with the contenders,

he has taken in something from them and subsequently while relating the whole story, finally says that he expected to take off to someplace immediately. Likewise, everyone will go together. On this Selvioon deduces and says that there the Sahib has gone to take Abu Muhammad and according to your knowledge,

Barbarossa Episode 10 With Urdu Subtitles

certainly he will similarly go to the side of Abu Muhammad, held under his confirmation. We want to stop them immediately. Then, when he rose out of the scene, Silvio says that the misery of death has eliminated your understanding, he has not told anything to anyone, he is telling himself, then, Urooj says that you are moreover of the reins of this canine.

So not that he told you and you acted suitably Silvi on this Silvio says you are genuinely troubled, quit charging this and leave my hotel, Urooj says okay I am going yet I accept that Jafar almost certainly refined this work. At the point when he said this, he grabbed Jafar and eliminate a finger of his hand.

Also, a short time later says that from now for a significant length of time, any spot you add to presenting a backstabber, I will eliminate your fingers, then, he says through syphilis, as of now I have cut his finger and whenever the chance shows up, the fingers of his owners will moreover be taken out, saying that he leaves starting there.

Everyone comes to see him and presents him for the wellbeing of he and says that he is amazingly sad to look into the incident that is continuing, then, expresses profound gratitude to him and a while later asks concerning whether I can help you in this, then,

he says We should try to understand that how people will deal with the book and Abu Muhammad, then, it is said that works with people of Punetas also and you realize them accepting you can get any from these things, then,

let us in on this issue is indispensable. Hearing this, Izabel says that I will put forth a fair attempt and whatever I know, I will enlighten you quickly, starting there forward, gravitating toward to coming, tells that Hirabai has woken up, Baba, hearing this, Uruj tells his kin that all of you are that young woman.

Barbarossa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles by Tv 25 Urdu

Analyze more from the person who is in the house, he has contributed a lot of energy confined in it, sees whether he can tell us. of course not and I will meet Hirabai maybe Abu Muhammad can help us with getting the book and after he leaves hotel some gold was kept on Jafar’s table, that gold seems,

by all accounts, to be to some degree normal to me Today is your day, assess with Jafar utilizing all possible means, decide from whom he took this gold, then, every day he walks around the motel saying that I will be especially happy to do this Baba Aruz.

On the other hand, something in Ezabell dwelling She is scrutinizing the papers and in this Gollum gives her a document and says that Silveyo sahib has said that this report should moreover be entered in Unita’s record, then, Izabel gets it and says that it is about a warship and Unita is in isolation.Tv 25 Urdu

Warships don’t do it viably, where will these warships go, Gollum says I don’t have some knowledge of about this nor have I been told about it, Izabel says okay you can go, and subsequently in regards to where the boats will go, On the other hand, Jafar is getting beat and reliably whoever asks, let me tell you with which gold you are.Barbaroslar Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles

I have wagered, where did you get it, then, Jafar says that it is my gold, since when have I been telling you, people, do you keep an eye out for the others similarly on this and individuals who then, start beating him and Tries to make him

let it out and simultaneously he doesn’t tell in conclusion horse who says that he will eat Jafar’s second finger by saying that he is a player and a liar from a higher spot, then, Jafar finally tells out of fear. He gives that he has taken that gold from a man named Euro, on the other hand,

Ezabell is endeavoring to notice information in her father’s room she is looking for warships where those boats will go ultimately, she feels that it is Then while getting it, she says that these boats will at first go towards Jazire and subsequently starting there towards Rome. Tv 25 Urdu

happens and Silvio says that he should not have any data that the warships are going towards Karbhotos Jazire and not Izabel because I question her also, she will put forth a fair attempt to help again, then, after not reasoning that it is on the table, she says that she should have been inside these papers,

after that she starts looking all over in conclusion she checks in Izabel’s storage room too. He simply happens that he stops and says that it was not huge, we will set up another new one after that he leaves starting there and as such Izabel is saved from being gotten, on the other hand, he would have been talking with Hirabai.

Hai Hirabai says that the Sultanate will moreover look out for us from now for a significant length of time since we can’t save Abu Muhammad, expecting you don’t settle this issue, then, I may lose my head, so it says that there is only a solitary technique for handling this issue yet To hit with an incredible blow.Barbaroslar Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitles

We can’t ask Kilis for a boat again, so if the Sultanate specials a boat for us, I will bring Abu Muhammad. On this Herabai says this is incomprehensible. Anyway long you are as per the Sultanate, it includes far away to give a boat, they will not give you anything regardless, for two pennies and I can’t help you in this matter in light of everything.Barbarossa Episode 10 In English Subtitles

So Russia says then the real Sultanate should step in and attack. Hirabai says on this anyway accepting that the Sultanate gets back with essentially nothing resulting in attacking there, then, Pope and Kalim will stay against us. Barbarossa Episode 10 In English Subtitles

Also, the Mamluk Sultanate would never thusly. That is, Urooj sir, you can’t expect to assist from anyone except for yourself. It is conceivable that we will find and bring Abu Mohammed or the blade of the Mamluks will plummet on us every one of us. After this Uruz leaves starting there.

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