Barbaroslar Episode 9 In Urdu Subtitles English Free

Barbaroslar Episode 9 In Urdu Subtitles,At the beginning of this episode, Khidr is sitting on the beach. When Zainab’s eyes fall on him, she comes to him and sits down. And asks what are you doing sitting here like this?

In response, he says my intellect, my mind, my soul, and my whole being are stuck on a distant island. The book and Esther are the ones that need to be saved.

And until that happens my existence will not return. Zainab asks, “Is it the same girl I heard about being abducted?” Why are they so important? You have been looking for it all the time since you came to Alexandria. So Khidr says I told you I have to reach a destination. And he has one of the keys to open this floor. Zainab says something else thinking about it.

Barbaroslar Episode 9 In Urdu Subtitles Tv 25 Urdu

Well, then a witch girl will open the way to your destination. As soon as she hears this, Khizr says. And for the same reason, I have argued with Urooj Agha. Now, don’t burden me.

She says, “Okay, then tell me too, so that I can know the delicacy of the problem. Which key does Esther have?” In response to what you see and not us, Khizr says, “Look, it’s not time yet.

Barbaroslar Episode 9 In Urdu Subtitles
Barbaroslar Episode 9 In Urdu Subtitles

When the time comes, everyone will know everything necessary to know.” Zainab becomes sad and says, “All right.”

I shouldn’t bother you too much with my nonsense then she says as she leaves and yes stay where you are with your thinking and mind. That will give you more benefits.Barbarossa Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitles

Petro asks on the roof of a building in the market on the other side. Is the man ready? So Alfie says, ready sir. Dear friends, these people are watching Baba Arooj from a height.

So that they can signal the attack as soon as they get a chance to Arooj. In so doing, his gaze falls on Baba Arooj. So they get ready.

And as soon as the climax reaches a place. So Petro’s men surround him. And a robber says you are trapped in our trap, Baba Urooj, the time has come for you to end. So Arooj says whose dog are you guys? Who sent you So he says go to the place where we will take you and you will know.

Barbarossa Episode 9 In English Subtitles Tv 25 Urdu

So Arooj draws his sword and says if there was a net here then there is also a sword that breaks it into pieces. During the fight, when the net is thrown at the height, Petro says, “By God, I’m having a lot of fun.”

he conflict is still going on and all of a sudden the same old dervishes come to the rescue. Seeing this, Petro says again, “Where did this man come from?” As soon as the scale of the battle is heavy, Petro says at Alfie’s request, “We will return now.” They say that they retreat.

After the battle, Arooj thanks these dervishes and says that every dervish who has as many hearts as you have swords does not have this skill.I don’t understand the language. Some people have to understand the language of the sword. Then Arooj asks, “How did you know that I would be caught in a trap?” Please don’t call it coincidence.

So he says I told you they have set a trap for you. Can I keep you out of my sight knowing this? Then Arooj says who were the people who laid these traps? So he says those behind whom you are engaged.Which Abu Hurairah Rome.Want to wipe out all Muslims. And want to tear down our flag. So Arooj says that you know something that can help you. Barbarossa Episode 9 In English Subtitles

In response, Darwish says that I know a lot but it is all a secret and all these secrets are written in the book which is imprisoned in Kalmanos. If you are not thinking of saving this book then he says yes I am thinking I don’t think it can happen but I do not have the necessary strength nor am I surrounded by a conspiracy if I want to buy a ship Merchants raise prices fourfold.

Barbarossa Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitles

If I want to work, this organization called Anita stops me, and then I have a huge debt on me. They will not allow you to take it. Even if you pay off your debt and your condition improves in this situation, what is the use of it? The return has not given you a fixed date or period. Barbarossa Episode 9 In Urdu Subtitles

But having a history of secrets and a period is more important to protect it. If buying a ship is important to you, listen carefully to what I am saying.

Khidr, on the other hand, is reading a book and then when he gets bored, he puts it aside and starts thinking. So Niko says whatever book you start, you finish it like water.

But now you have left the book. Meaning your mind is still stuck in the whirlpool. So Khidr says, how can Nico not be trapped? Know the secret before the enemy saves our Esther and Book. That is why I argued with Arooj Agha. And Zainab for no reason I broke her heart. Nico says on it. It is possible to please Zainab.

But this book and Easter are very difficult brother. We can’t do anything on our own without Baba Arooj. So says Khidr. I thought so too. But I can’t disobey.And I think. Of course, Agha Urooj knows something. Which we do not know. Says To Niko. This means that everything is connected with the rise of Agha.

What do you think Khidr! Does he solve this problem before he reaches their secret and Khizr remains silent on it and Sen changes? Where Mr. Clichy says thank you to the caste that brought us together. Arooj says, “Sir, we survived thanks to the ship you sent us to stay safe.” Your great kindness.

Barbarossa Episode 9 In Urdu Subtitles by Tv 25 Urdu

And Shaheen did not keep us away from his bravery. Thanks for that too. Then Mr. Clutch says. I heard you need something. I will do what I can for you. Arooj says that is why I have come here but I do not want a job from you but a ship. So they say ship have you found any good goods trade? Barbaroslar Episode 9 In Urdu Subtitles

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So Rise says this time the problem is not commercial goods. Rather the problem is huge. If you reserve one of your ships for us, we will not leave it unattended.

But in the meantime, Shaheen intervenes and says that you have just sunk Onita’s ship and now you are coming to us and asking for a ship for a work whose outcome we do not know at all.

So the rise says. Do you have the right to decide with Mr. Clichy and we don’t even know? Then he addresses Mr. Clichy and says. The decision is up to you, Mr. Clichy. We will have no resentment.

But you helped us. So that would certainly be a huge favor. Either you come to Shaheen’s words and answer us. Or trust us and let us ship. Hearing this, Mr. Clich remained silent for a long time. So dear viewers, this is where we end today’s episode

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