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Hi Today we have a different topic to discuss I think you already know what I’m going to talk about. Today’s topic is Palestine Everyone should use their voice to take action, doing their best I am İclal, I am 16 years old and I’m Turkish, and I can speak 5 foreign languages While telling you about Palestine,

I will be speaking in French, Italian and Spanish The reason why I chose these three languages is that the European media does the majority of disinformation on this topic. And I have a large community from Europe, so I felt responsible for keeping them informed. I know that lately you see everyone sharing contents about Palestine Maybe you don’t know what’s going on Maybe you don’t know who to defend, or who is right Perhaps you think this is a conflict between Muslims and Jews Then I’ll explain ..

Let’s start by talking about the importance of Jerusalem for 3 religions. The city is considered sacred by Jews, Christians and Muslims for different reasons. For centuries the city was disputed and conquered. So, how important is it? According to Christian tradition, Jesus was raised in this city, he had his last supper, and he was crucified. For Judaism, Jerusalem is considered a holy city and Israelis say it is their historical capital.

There is also a sacred place for Jews: the Wailing Wall, In Islam, in addition to Mecca and Medina, Jerusalem is a holy city. And ancient Muslims prayed to this direction So now you are going to ask me ’what is the origin of the current situation?’ ’ Okay, folks, Israel is 73 years old. Michel Sardou and Françoise Hardy are older than Israel. Before the creation of Israel, in Palestine there was an atmosphere of peace. Muslims, Jews, Christians coexisted peacefully. They had a lot of things in common: historical monuments, places of worship …

All of this proves the solidarity among these peoples, which shows that they had respected each other But afterwards, the Israelis colonized Palestine. When I say Israel, I am not referring to a country, I am referring to a group of settlers who are colonizing Palestine. There is not a religious conflict, but only Israeli colonization, ethnic cleansing and military occupation. Since its inception, Israel has destroyed the property of tens of thousands of Palestinians and displaced them. But what’s their problem?

They want to displace the Palestinians from their own territories, and replace them with a new population, which consists of Israelis. Imagine the situation like this: someone has lost his home, and they ask you if it is possible for them to live with you for some time. But then they start bringing their friends and family to your house, and at a certain point they lock you in a room, they don’t let you out, and if you want to go out you have to ask for their permission. You have to get permission to go to dinner, to go to the bathroom,

and they hardly ever accept it. And if you want to take back your home, they tell everyone that you are terrorists, and horrible, and they even pretend that you attacked them. The current situation is nothing different.I didn’t made up this story. It’s the reality, and what’s happening in Palestine today. And this Ramadan, the Palestinian population has had to suffer during this month, as you probably know Ramadan is the most important month for us. fasting (not eating/drinking in the day) and then eid celebration One such violation was the prohibition of praying in the Al-Aqsa mosque, who is sacred to us. During the protests against the suspension of the right of worship, the Israeli authorities attacked people. As if all this humiliation wasn’t enough,

a new one is added: 500 Palestinians living in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood have been threatened and evicted from their homes. This is not the only, but the last of this policy of military occupation and ethnic cleansing. Now you are asking me, how can Israel do that? Israel has the support of other countries, most of those countries are other colonies or colonial powers. Israel tries to minimize the situation to a religious conflict so that they hide the reality Then people say “what happens between Muslims and Jews doesn’t interest me.” “NO! Israel did not exist before 1948, and now it exists thanks to Zionist groups. They have massacred the Palestinians.

They are also responsible for the Palestinians who have left their land, and they deny Palestinian’s right to return. In this situation, calling what is happening a conflict is to deny the rights and freedom of the Palestinians. Israel tries to hide what really happens, that is why we must know the reality and that’s why we all support the justice and liberation of the Palestinians. Even though today I am telling you the truth, the media propaganda continues over and over again. And most politicians literally do nothing useful to resolve the situation. You want me to talk a bit about what France is doing for the Palestinians? For example,

are you aware that your very distinguished Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin has banned demonstrations? But anyways demonstrators managed to pass the police roadblocks, gathered, but were attacked and insulted by the French police. I thought in France there was a freedom of protesting, because that was exactly what Mr. Macron had written on his Twitter. But when we ask Mr. Gerald why he banned the protests, he tells us that he was worried because he thought the protesters would say ‘death to the Jews’ which was the case in 2014. But Gerald is not even aware that here, it is not a conflict between Muslims and Jews, that there are also Jews demonstrating against Israel, that it is a question of human rights And what are international politicians doing?

Palestine Today News

If you really want to know, the United Nations secretary general is watching a theater, the other European politicians are very worried and they want the conflict to end. There are Muslim politicians are even more concerned. Yes, no sincerity First of all, there is no conflict. Repeat after me: THERE IS NO CONFLICT! An ethnic cleansing, military operation, colonization and violence. You don’t have to be Muslim or the expert in history to defend the Palestinians. We only need humanity and awareness. You should never be afraid to defend the Palestinians, because if you don’t defend them, or if you don’t have a part in this situation, it means that you are on the same side with the violent. Don’t tell me ” I don’t know anything about this so I can’t talk about it .. ”

NO! WRONG! Don’t you already know that killing children and civilians is bad? Or when you were defending #blacklivesmatter did you know the whole story of racism? Not, you probably didn’t know, we probably only know about it a little, but this is not an excuse for not being against the violence. Now, you must do everything you can to find out more about the situation, You must have the true information, you must take action on Instagram or Twitter. If you think this is useless, I want to ask you: Did you post something when there were other problems? Why don’t you do the same for Palestinian? But now you will 🙂 Y

ou can share this Post with people who speak French, Italian, Spanish, or who doesn’t know about the topic Because we must all do the best we can to sustain the Palestinians. And we must also support the people who talk about Palestine on social media, because they are giving useful information. So that’s all I wanted to tell you. Thank you for having the sensitivity to watch this video.

Don’t forget to share it so that everyone is informed. Thanks in advance. Please remember that the Palestinians need us, do your best to defend them I’ll be waiting for your posts Take care of yourself, see you

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