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Destan Episode 25 In Urdu Subtitles

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He is on his knees trying to please the devil and he says: O my dog, tell me where my crown is. Give me my crown “I don’t want these things, I want your king’s daughter. Tell him that if he wants to have a relationship, give me your daughter.” Did not She says you are nothing without me. Kaya draws his sword and aims at Vera and says I will kill you. But she says if you kill me Russia will not let you live. Destan Episode 25 In Urdu Subtitles.

Destan Episode 25 With Urdu Subtitles

And your army is not strong enough to fight. Then Gaia removes her sword. He sends Obar and Pako Khan in front of him in the tent and tells him to start the game. You are my guest and Paku Khan tells him that you are the guest of our kingdom. Then the dog laughs and starts again. Then they are trying to humiliate each other whether it is a game or whether their words. And he says we played a lot.

Destan Episode 25 In Urdu Subtitles
Destan Episode 25 In Urdu Subtitles

Now tell me where is the crown of Bare Khan. Arbabu Khan says that the crown fell with the head of Bare Khan. I will put it around the neck of one of the dogs of my tribe. Then Obar angrily asks Albaku Khan to take him away and says take him out of my tent. They are stopped by a Gog soldier coming with Raja Khatun. One Gog soldier tells the other that if we catch him then Kaya will give us a big reward then

Destan Episode 25 Urdu Subtitles

he asks Aqeez and his companions to surrender but Aqeez Ready to fight every now and then she says if you can take us then take them then they get down from the horses and the fight starts almost all the goog soldiers are killed She comes to the king and throws him down with her sword and says that I told you that if you are not my mother then. Destan Episode 25 In Urdu Subtitles.

Destan Episode 25 In Urdu Subtitles

I will kill you and then she will go back And she leans against the tree and sits down and there is something in her hand that she starts hitting Aqeez, then Aqeez pushes her sword into his chest before hitting him and says I hit you. Said I will kill you. Now you have tasted it. Chol Pan and Shamal are present in the tent while lying there unconscious. The shaman is trying to cure him.

After killing Aqees Al-Ajah towards Ala Ja, she tells her companions that we have to go and find Pharaoh and save Pako Khan then they leave but a soldier who is coming to his senses is wounded. On the other side of the palace, Chalir and Aibak come to Vera’s room and tell Chalis that we have come to get all your belongings and Kaya Khan’s order is that you She can’t stay here. Destan Episode 25 In Urdu Subtitles.

Destan Episode 25 In English Subtitles

She shouts angrily and says that she can do this to me, but when she obeys the order of Kaya Khan, she becomes silent and takes off all her belongings and ornaments and then goes away. The escaped soldier comes to Gok Palace and comes and tells Kozo that Aqeez attacked us and all our soldiers were killed and he also tells him that Alpagho Khan is still alive.

Kozo bag is surprised to hear this and The ground slips out from under his feet and he begins to remember his deeds. Everyone is present at the table in Gok Palace. So Kozo says that he has been killed. Kaya tells Kozo to take his trusted soldier and don’t come back until you kill Aqeez. If he stays, Kaya asks him why are you standing here now, why not? He approaches Kaya and says that Arbabu Khan is still alive.

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Goes and comes back in a panic and sits at the table. Then she thinks and says she is not pregnant. On the other hand, she goes to the place where Batuqa is being treated and her soldiers surround the tents. And she says you are behind everything and you brought me to this place and tell me my secrets I will kill you she begs her and says if I tell you a secret will I You will leave Vera. Tell her yes.

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