Destan Episode 24 In Urdu Subtitles

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When a wild dog hears this, it runs away and kills him S stops. So the dog tells him to bow down to our khan. But he does not bow down and says we do not bow down to anyone but Gok Tengri. Ghobar grabs him and says it’s a good thing. He says yes, that’s it. Obar strikes his knee with his sword. He gets down and knocks her down on his knees. Destan Episode 24 In Urdu Subtitles.

Destan Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitles

All the children, women and men are killed on the orders. All the dogs are killed while Eid is injured and she succumbs to her injuries Is to ask them to recognize our gok kingdom because now i am khan here advise that they should not write first letter because it will show our weakness but he says new agreement with my father Vera has lost her importance. Vera is upset.

The Major comes to her and says that you dug a pitcher for yourself. Awar asks his dogs where is the crown of Abarat Khan without which my rule is incomplete. Go and find it. A Yemeni woman comes in. She says why did we call me? Abar tells her to find out where Abar Khan’s crown is. She thinks something and searches Google and says Abar is lying near a certain tree in the forest.

Destan Episo24 Urdu

Destan Episode 24 Urdu Subtitles

Abbar tells his soldiers to go and dig there and find the crown It is said that it was washed with the poison of Obra king. Coke on the tangerines. He pushes blood out of his hand and moves on to the front. A man comes up against him who kills him with an ax. All the dogs open their mouths and praise him and shout for him.Destan Episode 24 In Urdu Subtitles.

Destan Episode 24 In Urdu Subtitles

Then Obar tells his soldier that if the crown does not come by tomorrow then I will kill you. They go away from there. When he becomes unconscious, Chaman puts her hand on him and says that you are the body of the stain and the soul of the gok. You are a two-headed wolf. Everyone is happy to hear this. Alpako Khan is talking about Timur and Sultu. That’s why Kaya didn’t leave the soldier there.

Timur says that it seems that this is what Kaya is all about. Faltu also mixes yes with yes. Pago Khan says if he has done that then I will hit him with my hands. Timur and Sato are brought in the Obar type. And they are made to stand up rather than die. Many dogs attack and kill, but they are killed by the seventh and Timur. Chaman continues to treat Batuga and tries to bring him to consciousness.

Destan Episode 24 With English Subtitles

Going and trying to wake up Batogha while Chaman is busy with his specific worship and prayers. But Timur is happy too and he wants to kill Abar so he picks up a spear and throws it towards Abar but he escapes his blow and the spear gets stuck in the door. Henderson’s men start barking and making noises, but Abar says that the blood of these Turks was spilled with his own hands in Chorako.

When he arrives, Ibar is happy and goes to the tent and sees that there is only one dog’s skull lying in the box. He says where is his dog? He says I have not seen the thief, I have not seen him, he has opened it and then he says who took it, he has stolen it. On the other hand, Chaman tries to bring him back to consciousness by applying Multani mud all over his body.

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I was buried but now he is in Gok, so Aqis says that good Kaya has got it and we have to take that crown and save Bagh-o-Khan. And he is saying to himself that I will fulfill my dream. On the other hand, Obar is sitting in front of his visiting dog and pleading with the idol of the dog, as many polytheists nowadays seem to worship and He carves them with his hands and then worships them.

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