Barbarossa Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles

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I have set the women free, but I think Isabel and Mary are missing It is said that Petro has kidnapped Maryam and Isabel has gone to look for Maryam. The conversation is still going on. Weren’t you there? You didn’t try to save Maryam’s life. Baba Urooj’s companion heard this and said: now forgive me but I was busy fighting the soldiers so I got into untying the ropes of some women. But Mary has been kidnapped.

Barbaroslar Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles

And Isabel is chasing Mary. Khidr Sahib gets mad in anger on hearing this and says I will go to free Maryam. Baba Arooj and his companions will stop here and fight the enemies. Hearing this, Baba Urooj Sahib also gets angry. And Khidr says no. I will go with you too. And I will set women free. Therefore Baba Urooj says to his companions. You guys keep shooting arrows. We are returning to the back. On the other hand, the fasting Dan tells Diego that your brother has kidnapped Mary Barbarossa Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles.

Barbarossa Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles
Barbarossa Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles

and because of our fight the Emperor’s special soldiers have also been killed. Dan Diego hears this and says to all the women. Wanted to be presented to the emperor so that they would be pleased with me but now they will be angry with me and as far as maryam is concerned she is still in our possession so i know where to take my brother maryam I will get Mary from my brother and send Mary there as a gift to reduce the emperor’s anger.

Barbarossa Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles

Viewers will then see you. Petro is taking Mary to the island after her abduction. At the same time, Isabel chases after him. And she shouts. Mary don’t be upset. I’m here to help you. Petro goes mad at the sight of Isabel. Then Pethro starts attacking Isabel with the help of a gun. He tries to kill the targeted Isabel. Petro then tells the rest of his teammates. If Isabel has reached here. The rest of his companions will also be coming here. Barbarossa Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles.

So I don’t want to lose Mary at any cost. Then, as Petro moves on with his companion Mary, Isabel follows him. And just as one of Petro’s comrades is attacking Isabel with bullets. So Isabel hides behind a tree for a while. Then he pulls out a dagger and strikes the soldier on the chest from a distance. He is taking them home and he tells the women that we will get to the island very soon with the help of horses and from there we will go back to our area by boat.

Barabrossa Episode 32 In Urdu

After hearing the words, she gets upset and says thank you very much for saving our lives and we have neither Isa Bell nor Mary. How can I go back without them? Baba Urooj’s companion says on hearing this. You don’t have to worry. Baba Urooj and Khidr Sahib have gone after them to liberate women. Inshallah we will get good news very soon. So you have to go back to the area immediately. If we do not return to Algeria. Barbarossa Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles.

Barbarossa Episode 32 In English Subtitles

Again, they may attack you and try to kidnap you. In this way Baba Urooj and Khidr Sahib’s anxiety may increase. On the one hand Damdiago is chasing his brother. To snatch Mary from their hands and hand her over to the emperor of Badin. On the other hand, Baba Urooj and his companions are approaching this path. Horse carriage marks are understood. The wheelbarrows are carrying Mary in a chariot towards an elevated area. Mary may be hiding in a cave.

On the other hand you will see. As Petro unloads Mary from the buggy. And he tells his companions that I am taking Mary to the mountain. Will rest for a while in the cave. And then we’ll move on. Meanwhile, Isabelle arrives. Mary is also very happy to see Isaac Bell. As soon as she sees the end, Isa Bell gets down from her horse. And moves forward to fight the enemies. Meanwhile, Maryam also takes advantage of this opportunity and hits Petro in the face.

Barbarossa Episode 32 With Urdu Subtitles

And snatches his gun after dropping it to the ground. And Mary immediately fires a bullet into Petro’s chest. Petro is unconscious as soon as the shot is fired. On the other hand, Baba Urooj Khidr Sahib and his companions get upset as soon as they hear the sound of the bullet. It’s the sound of bullets coming from very close to us. This means that they are very close to us and as soon as Mary gets her hands free. Barabrossa Episode 32 In Urdu.

So she picks up the sword and goes to help Isabel. So that they can fight the soldiers. But at the same time, Dan wakes up and his companions arrive here. And fast manages to injure Isabelle by firing from a distance. As soon as Izza takes the first bullet. She looks back. Roza has a gun in his hand. And she shouts. You hurt my beautiful face. That is, you shed my blood. I have now received my price.

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