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Barbarossa Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitle

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, peace be upon you, Twelve more new actors have been added to the cast, but Darwish’s role in the old characters of this play is very important and mysterious and many people still do not understand who it is.

Where does it come from Why is there so much indifference in his words? What is the past of Darwish and the mysterious book that is currently revolving around the whole story of the drama? What does Darwish have to do with this and more than that Darwish has to do with the Ottoman Empire?

It will also be on the new characters coming in the drama while you will know what is the biggest reason for the low rating of the Babru Ashlar drama series? So first of all let’s talk about Darwish. At the moment we only know about this role of Darwish. Barbarossa Episode 12 In English Subtitles, Tv25Urdu

Barbarossa Episode 12 In English Subtitles

Darwish is a friend and companion of Ustad Suleiman and he knows about the secrets of the book and it is shown in the play that Darwish was the one who gathered the pen and the sword, ie Khidr, and Arooj,

and encouraged them to take possession of this book and to know the secrets hidden in it and bring these secrets to the Muslims but here the question arises. Who exactly is Darwish and how did he get so much information about the Barbosa brothers?

Barbarossa Episode 12 In Urdu
Barbarossa Episode 12 In Urdu

You may also recall that in a type of Barbourslar, Darwish gives a ring to Khidr in a cave that belongs to Khidr’s father. According to him, the main problem is that no information about Darwish has been given in the drama so far but it seems that Yaqub Agha, the father of the Barbarossa brothers

who was a soldier of Sultan the Conqueror, then Darwish is also his companion. dervish was very close to Sultan the Conqueror, then in one scene, Hamza sees a dagger in Darwish’s hand which looks very beautiful and majestic. And when Hamza asked this question, how did you get this dagger from Sultan Fatih?

Barbarossa Episode 12 Urdu Subtitle by Tv25Urdu

So the dervish smiles and goes silent. And so there is another scene which is of Darwish with its rise. In this too we get the same impression that Darwish Sultan is a close associate of the conqueror. And he is the trustee of any secret. And this is what it sounds like when you listen to the conversation between the two of them.Tv25Urdu

And viewers, I think it is important to get your opinion here. What do you think is the reality of dervishes? One of the things we know about the relation of Ibrahim’s book with dervishes is that two people were guarding this book, one of whom is dervishes and the other was teacher Suleiman.Tv25Urdu

They were protecting the book in the best possible way but the problem was that they were both unaware of the secrets contained in the book and there is only one key to solve these secrets and that is the one who knows such sciences which This book will help solve the mysteries but one thing is very surprising.Tv25Urdu

If Darwish and Ustad Suleiman have been guarding this book for years then why didn’t Darwish know about some of the pages in this book that Diego has taken out of it and when Khidr Darwish was informed about the theft of these pages.Barbarossa Episode 12 In English Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 12 In Urdu by Tv25Urdu

Explains why the dervishes are surprised as if they have seen this book for the first time from inside because the dervishes tell the teacher Suleiman that we are the guardians of this trust and Khidr is the rightful owner of this trust then is it possible That Darwish had never seen this book from within.Tv25Urdu

This is creating a huge buzz in the story of the Barbarossalar series. But it is also possible that the dervishes cannot understand this book, and it is obvious that man forgets what he does not understand,

so the dervishes are only the guardians of this book and Will solve the mysteries which will be implemented in the end, but how did this book come to Darwish and Ustad Suleiman who appointed him as its protector? Barbarossa Episode 12 In Urdu

And what is the relation of Darwish with Sultan Fateh? We have yet to know in this play. Now, as you all know, many old actors have been removed and new roles have been added in Barbar and Zainab, Hamza. , Barbarosslar, etc., Barbarossa Episode 12 In Urdu

Barbarossa Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitle

has been left behind, and nine more new actors have been added to take the story to new heights, and a total of fourteen old characters have been eliminated. With the arrival of the new screenwriter Barat and Erdogan, the ratings of Barbar have also improved.Tv25Urdu

But the main reason for the low ratings of the viewers is the drama series called Dumb Laar Shakrawa. Which is taking the second position in all categories. Because in all the drama series, the first position belongs to Kurulus Osman.Barbarossa Episode 12 In English Subtitles

The problem is that the drama series Bezamana is also released on the same day. The day on which Babarwaslar takes place. And since the fourth season of the drama is currently underway, the Turkish audience prefers to watch the previous drama rather than a new one,

while Barbarosslar is the second in all the drama series to be aired in Turkey last week. Babarosslar is being watched at number two after Barzban, so Barbarosslar fans should not be worried because it takes a long time for any drama to make its place.Barbarossa Episode 12 In Urdu

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Barbarossa Episode 12 In English Subtitles

I would like to talk to you guys about only two characters. Among these nine new characters is a person named Ikram Gregor. I would like to mention Ikram Gregor because in one of my videos, It was said that in the next installment,

Nek and Khidr will be betrayed when Arooj Island will be imprisoned by the Knights of Roads, but instead of making Nico a traitor, Reuters has included a character named Gregor in the play. Barbarossa Episode 12 In Urdu,Barbarossa Episode 12 In English Subtitles

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