Barbarossa Episode 11 In Urdu & Subtitles English Free

Barbarossa Episode 11 In UrduAcross the forest on the other side, Baba Urooj and his people finally come out of the cave. Soldiers give Baba Arooj water to drink. But it says first give as a bell. This means that Baba Arooj prefers the thirst of a bell despite his thirst.

And then called Elias. The man who imprisoned me. He said that he has kidnapped her. Is it true? Did you all go to save Bismillah? Hearing this, all the soldiers including Elias become silent. No one would have understood how to tell Baba Roj about Dasbina.

Barbarossa Episode 11 In Urdu Subtitles

Baba Roj is also very upset to see this. He asks every soldier, but all the soldiers’ tongues are locked. Finally, they want to shed tears in Elias’s eyes. They fall to the ground and their heartfelt feelings are severely injured.

Barbarossa Episode 11 In Urdu
Barbarossa Episode 11 In Urdu

Elias Ahmed All the soldiers are in the same situation. When Disban leaves, everyone starts crying. We are then shown a view of the White Island Cave. Where after a long time it finally happens to Khidr. Everyone gives thanks to Allah.

Maryam Khatun puts a bandage on his arm. At the same time, she is looking at the stolen Khidr. I don’t know what are the purposes of seeing her. It is necessary to find out later. On the other hand, on hearing this, everyone starts thinking and enters the cauldron from one side of the cave with the sharp swords of his people.

All of them are moving forward with great caution while they reach this place. But here Khidr is not with his people, he is gone. Then following the advice of the positive, it follows them out of the other hole. Then we are shown the house of Baba Urooj in this kanji where Baba comes from the corpse of Rojbina.

Barbarossa Episode 11 In English Subtitles

Their hearts are weeping tears of blood. Because he was already grieving for his son. Now his wife has left deep wounds on his heart. Friends sit on one side of the corpse and say to themselves: I hugged you one last time as I was leaving the cow.

Welcome me like this I have failed I could not save you in Desbina They tied my hands and feet, My friends, Baba is crying loudly This scene which saddens the hearts continues for a long time Well then this we are shown in the scene of White Island something like Khidr is going with his people.

Barbarossa Episode 11 In Urdu
Barbarossa Episode 11 In Urdu

Dost Amir Karachi also listens to him and brings all the yes and then they both go to one side.After each pedus, we are shown the cemetery of Alexander, where Baba Urooj and his people are reciting Fateha on the tomb of Despina.

And they say to themselves, “Now the fire burning inside me is not for mourning but revenge.” ۔ So Baba Urooj says keep your head down. It is not your fault this time, it is your fault. I sent my men after Unita’s men. We’ll find out soon enough who caught them.

Barbarossa Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles

Now it’s time to take revenge on them. Their vengeance goes on for a long time. Take good care of the room. Here are all the important documents of Unita. No one is allowed in this room. At the same time as O bell would come and send Golem out and in anger you trapped me and Baba Urooj in the trap of unity.

Friends try to be selfie but Israel says from the root they say I cheated on them now stop playing this game with me they can’t hurt me without your knowledge they are so cruel they Killed Bismana who had nothing to do with him then they say Baba Urooj got some punishment for

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what he did but why did you interrupt his work you both deserve punishment and gradually these two anger I come to him as O bell pulls out his dagger and says take it if I am guilty then kill me and then the next moment selfie he puts the same dagger on his neck and says if not then one day he will ask me to do it.

Barbarossa Episode 11 In Urdu by Tv25Urdu

So I will not leave you alive. Because you are a traitor and stop messing with Unita’s work for the future. It will be better for you and don’t forget to come to this room too and yes if I see you at the height I will kill you both as Bell says ok all these documents are very important for unity and then very They go out of here in anger. Barbarossa Episode 11 In Urdu by Tv25Urdu

Friends, know what you are going to do as a bell and what will be the next step to be taken. Wait to find out. Because this is where our episode ends today. We hope you enjoyed it today. Permit me, keep watching, Allah is the Guardian

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