Alp Arslan Episode 13 in Urdu & English Subtitles free

I have already explained to you that whoever betrays the religion and the kingdom, his punishment is death.” In order to save his life, he says that before you make some decision, I want to show you something and when he points out to his companions, he brings the severed head of the crusader and throws it there.

They are shocked and think that I should at least listen to him before killing him. On the other hand, they and their companions are about to leave after eating. And he used to say sarcastically to Governor Alp Arslan Is. I hope you enjoyed the meal.

Alp Arslan episode 13 in urdu subtitles

You may never find such delicious food in your life again. Al-Bursalani come to hear. I may not get this food. But you will definitely meet me. He is also on the battlefield. Then we will try our hand. And swordsmanship. And victory will be mine.

Alp Arslan Episode 13 in Urdu
Alp Arslan Episode 13 in Urdu

As soon as they hear this, the disbelievers are embarrassed and the companions of Al-Salam are very happy. John gets angry and he explains to the Sultan: Brother John will listen to me carefully. Maybe you think that I am a traitor and I am the one who conveyed the news to the caliph but I beheaded the soldier.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles

Kar has proved that I cannot work with the infidels who were spying to create a war between the kingdom of Selju and Khal. I beheaded all these soldiers. So that the secret news and secret help sent to Al-Salam could not reach our caliph. Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles

Upon hearing this, the Sultan’s anger subsided a little. And they have more time to think about Abraham. Because the sultans have decided before. That Abraham is a traitor. Because the Sultan had forgiven him before. But he did not stop his betrayals.

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Currently, Sultani forgives him after hearing all the things. And give another. On the other hand, as soon as the governor arrives at Lashkar Gah with al-Salam, he meets Princess Hua Doke and the princess says, “I am all right.” Now sign the agreement.

What you said about the Turks was correct. These people are very hospitable and respect women. At the same time, El Perslan’s condition begins to deteriorate and she falls to the ground coughing. The governor asks his colleagues with a smile. Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles

Are you all right? Greetings to them. Greetings to them and take out the antidote from their pockets and drink it. After which his condition is completely cured. And immediately after that the governor also starts coughing and after coughing he falls on the ground and becomes unconscious.

And then the scene is shown when the woman often manages to break into the governor’s room. And she removes the poison and removes the medicine and hands it over to Alpa’s lap. Alpa Goth says after he received the medicine. Alp Arslan Episode 13 in Urdu

Alparslan Episode 13 in Urdu Subtitles

If on the bill will mix poison in the food of salutation. So we will put the river instead of poison in the food of salutations on al. So that the poison does not have an effect on Al-Praslan and then Alpa Gud gets all the magic on the governor’s horse and its bridle,

that is, as soon as he touches the horse’s bridle on the governor’s hands, that poison also gets on his hands and Then, as soon as the governor coughs and takes opium out of his pocket, the river has no effect, because it is only water,

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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 13 in English Subtitles

because most of the women have taken out all the water from the river and delivered it to Al-Salam through Alpa Goth, which is a little bit.Long ago, Al Persalan was there to save his life, and when the governor tried to drink that antidote, it was just water. Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles

Ayurveda is shouting and calling her uncle’s name. But the governor is slowly dying of poison. And on the other hand, showing the antidote like Salan Governor. That’s what you wanted. You wanted to poison me, but I have the river. And then that scene is shown.

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