Destan Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles

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Destan Episode 11 Urdu SubtitlesAlbugohan’s soldiers fall. As soon as the soldiers shouted here A net is made. Then and his companions come out. The arrows begin to rain. In the same way slave women are screaming. Save us. Similar to Zia Man Sharma. Arrows on them from all sides. Then you come to the soldiers and start killing the rest of the soldiers. After killing all the soldiers, there is only one commander left. It’s called Commander Garage. Then come the twenty-one carriage. Place your foot on the head of the cage and press hard.

Destan Episode 11 in Urdu Subtitles

Kailash says how did you have such courage? Don’t you know that we are Gokhan’s soldiers? And we belong to Alpago Khan. How did you dare to attack us? In the same way, Yaman says about the power of the wolf with others. Rescue the prisoners held captive by Khan’s soldiers. And he took possession of your property. Tell your khan when you come to your senses. In the same way who kills them and makes them unconscious. Then his companions come to the slaves. Alpagan, on the other hand, is moving with his caravan.

Destan Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles
Destan Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles

In the same way, in the second scene, your dowry and slave women are moving aside. Similarly, it comes to a place towards the mountain stops. It then opens the wheel to which you are approaching. Tells the women to come out. Aqiz says now you can all go. You are all free. Women are happy to give it. Says you are the power of the other wolf in you. The other woman says the same. Tell us your name. We will name our children after you. You don’t have to have my name. Just tell your kids about the other wolf.

Destan Episode 11 in English Subtitles By Tv25urdu

Let them know that the wolf has arrived. And the Turks will no longer be prisoners. Now go and ask someone for help. And don’t tell anyone about me. In the same way, the believers bring a box of treasures and place it there. Aqiz opens it as soon as he says maybe there is gold inside but let’s see what it is. Similar personal breaks it. Opens the can after breaking the can. Filled with gold coins and coercion.

So it tells women to see. Why is it better than gold? Slave women say it’s for a bride. Aqeez says who are the brides? We heard this soldier talking that Alpako Khan would ask for the hand of Balamar’s daughter for his son. The soldiers were taking this treasure and us to them. Aqiz says which boy will he talk to the girl for. The women say there is a son who does not listen to anyone, only his own will take the girl for him. In the same way, it is understood that the caravan of Alpaghan is moving on the other side. Badu Ga is also sitting in Alpago Khan’s caravan. Looking upset.

Destan Episode 11 with Urdu Subtitles

Similarly, in another scene, Aqis says, “Let’s pick up the box. It’s yours.” Women are happy to hear this. Says thank you very much In the same way women take this gold and leave from there. A similar caravan is going on.Destan Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles In Alpo Khan’s caravan there are many soldiers, many horsemen, many slave women, and men. Similarly, Pago Khan also has his son. And his wife is also a lady. In the same way, she was following the same path on which Aqeez had attacked Alpagu Khan’s commander’s carriage.

Similarly, on the second floor, Aqiz comes to the top of the mountain with his companions. All the goods are brought there. In the same way, they see the gold boxes open. The boxes are full of gold. Says faith. What if we give it to the residents? It is not appropriate. Destan Episode 11 Urdu SubtitlesHow will they satisfy their hunger? Right, Zim is going to do. The same is true of thoughts. Says faith. I am talking to you. Where is your attention Similarly his friend Sharma? Looking at the bridal dress. There are so many clothes. Aqiz says Aman we will not be able to sell these things in the city. Merchants will know.

Destan Episode 11 with English Subtitles

That it belongs to Saman Khan. But this kiss is gold that is enough to feed the whole tribe. Similarly, his friend and mother looking at the lady’s clothes say look how beautiful they are. Similarly, Salma Khatun says it is a pity that Khan’s bride could not wear this ritual dress at her wedding. In the same way, if she picks up 21 red dresses, how will this ritual be applied to the wedding of the bride of the hill? The winter lady says I will wear it and show it to my imam. How nice it would be. Then Salma Khatun says that we will make your dress with this pink silk.

How will it be What do you say woman I am a fighter. Where would I wear a pink dress? Winter woman says don’t be angry with me, you will look good in colorful clothes. Aqiz says to take it away. The winter lady says I am the bride. Believe what I say. Do not deny. Everything is beautiful, whether it is blue or green. Destan Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles

Aqeez says this faith, hurry up for him. In the same way, they all stand on the top of the mountain. Let’s look at one side of there. Khan’s caravan appears. Seeing Alpo Khan’s caravan, comrades go to Trump. Sarma says Alpag soldiers are coming. Let’s go. Remember the scene of your childhood. When Alpago Khan had killed his father. After remembering this scene, Akis says that this time it will not survive. Faith says what will you do now? Aqiz says that when they come to this mountain in front of us, they will see the power of the other wolf.

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