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Yalniz Kurt Episode 4 With English And Urdu Subtitles free

Yalniz Kurt Episode 4 With English And Urdu Subtitles.Did not tell that the one who is the most beautiful is what Taymor Tigan is beautiful from where he became beautiful. And then he also has to give birth to his son, but he says, “Look, I am already threatening my life and now thinking about Timor, never forget that only I was I am not in monitoring and remember.

I will not let anything else says that you are unaware of you will not ask you, but I can not despise my kingdom so that Timor also comes. Turtle looks at it, then he says that I follow the kingdom, not my happiness, and he walks from there, and he is shown to the same door, which still sat down to the same door.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 4 in English And Urdu Subtitles

There are talks to drink water and begins digging the cave again after drinking and after drinking again, the woman’s room enters the room and asks her It is now how the nature of our Khan is that the woman tells her that she is better than ever before she has given them syrup and she is sleeping after drinking then she says that I talked to you all three.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 4 in English And Urdu Subtitles
Yalniz Kurt Episode 4 in English And Urdu Subtitles

And looking at the bitterness that we are now pleased to engage and the wedding ceremony will continue for forty days and forty nights and now we will talk about. And everyone will collect here. We will forget all our grief. And after 40 days we will wear the limbs. All people will attend this marriage.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 4 in Urdu Subtitles

And neighborhoods will also come. And as the bride of Goo Khan, you will now have to work hard for this marriage. And you will show people our wealth and strength to others. Then he indicates the defect. And he opens a box. And the ark is full of jewelry.

The confusion is then that they are gifts for the bride by me, then it seems to be shown to Talk, that I think I think you are tired that I am getting punished and tomorrow It is going to be a hard day if it is better then it will be better,

Yalniz Kurt Episode 4 With English And Urdu Subtitles

it gives a key to Tacuha Aaqi and says, “Keep it and tells him that as soon as your punishment is over, you go out of here and traveling.” To release it then he says let’s turn it now and both of them start to close it, then enter this basement from the wall and stop the wall with the help of stupid and stupid bricks.

Batka also goes from there and Iaqis again removes the brick and sees that he has been interrupted, and he removes all the bricks, and it comes out there again. It is said that I want to allow you now that he says, you are all permissible, then it is permissible to go out of this secret, and Iaqis also comes behind it.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitles

If it comes out, it seems that a cheek is coming from the front. Then the Chichk stops watching it and says, “Thank you sick tumbling that yet your father is not dead.” Looks at his chichi and keeps listening to his words. Then Chichk then tells him that he is in the house.

And tomorrow’s day will be our engagement day. I will marry you like. And will also show off to be very happy. And by saying that he goes from there. Walks again. And after going after their go to the other side. The lady says that being late. Allow you to go too now.

The alien woman says that perfectly fine. And now we will choose clothes tomorrow. Then the grief says to the slaughtered woman, I am thinking about taking clothes too. The Oliel woman tells her that you do not think about clothes but think about the baby.

Then he says to the slayer that your child should come before the likeness of the daughter of Mir. And if you can not find anyone else for it, and if you tried to cheat with me, then the mountain girl is not really bad because it is surprised to hear it or again.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 4 in English And Urdu Subtitles

It is listening to everyone again, and took the goodness of the glory, and it goes from there to Hawks, then it comes back to the basement and then manages to catch these mice and with the help of the basket. He tries to catch the mice and the rat also comes in it,

Yalniz Kurt Episode 4 Urdu Subtitles
Yalniz Kurt Episode 4 Urdu Subtitles

and it comes to the tremendous palace and is looking for Timor, and Timur, who is cleaning his horse, then it reaches the Timor. It asks what is happening and what you are doing here, Ghamalah says that he is the mountainous girl its name.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 4 Urdu Subtitles

Do not you like it I have seen how you see it Timor says Listen to me, I will understand that I have not heard anything and how can you do this, then the console says it is ok if it is not true, then you also listen to the end. Yalniz Kurt Episode 4 With English And Urdu Subtitles

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It is made that from now that they remained with censorship and also listen to it as its main woman, and the Timor is angry and goes away from there, the same secret after imprisonment in the basket. Returns again from the rage and where the soldiers stand on the other side, the sight of the soldiers is on their mice and they remain only.

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