Savchi Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitles

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Omar! You forgot your phone downstairs bro. Your mother called. You can call her back Do not put it like this, it will break , Didem. Hello. I’m fine son I’m fine. What can I do? We had dinner and were looking at the TV. How are you my son – Savchi Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles Don’t worry about me, I’m fine. Is it the first time I see the sea, mother. How is my dad There Mashallah. It’s fine these days, my son.

He is waiting for you Everybody cares for you and there is no tension in the house . Your brother and Ali are fine too. He is not home right now Didem is fine too She does not have much to do so she mostly watches T.V Let me give you want to hear your voice? – Moon! She was peeling fruit and cut hes hand, my son. Hold it in cold water, my daughter, hold it in cold water. My mother,

Savchi Season 1 Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles
Savchi Season 1 Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles

Savci Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitles

The Major, is coming, I have to go Okay. OK son. Take care Don’t cry my mom, I’m with you for 15 days, okay? Let’s. There is nothing left for the bill. What do you intend to do? I lived with the longing of my hometown, major. Savchi Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles I cannot break with them What is there in your neighbourhood? I can go with you and can meet your mother. all mothers are the same they like there children a lot ( girls screaming in the back omer omer omer help) Omer i am talking to you i think there is some one in the water where there Seyfi! Turn the lights on!

Someone in the sea! {girl screaming in distance} Savasci Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitles come on quickly bring the tube hold on to the tube hold the tube they are pointing towrads something. I guess there is someone else There is a child.

He is drowning what are you doing you aren’t permitted to do anything Bring the Boats ! Omar boats are coming! Omer don’t be scared we are coming omer come out turn the boat around thank god thank god Savasci Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitles Struggling to speak This is the saving mascot of this kid . This saved him from drowning. He has given you this as a gift now this will save you from death. Let’s go inside. You get cold, Then you will say I cannot sleep because of the pain I do not want to .

I am fine here okay, don’t resist. Listen to me – I Listened to you, I hid from the boy. We had to say everything. We did it wrong. Now when he will come and ask Where is Ali? What will we say? In prison. Savasci Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitles What happened to the business? They confiscated. What happened to the house? They took it from our hands. How are we gonna tell him? What will we say?

Savchi Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitles

My son will be here soon . Don’t be tensed. Come on in. Look, the boy should not come and take you in hospitals. Come on, Mustafa, come on. Those smugglers are threatening us People are taken hostage and taken across the border Savchi Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles They are finding a way in sea Then they are still in the open. Let’s find these, Omar We are at your disposal. Hello Hello, hi.

We have reserved for you in the cabin . No cabin. Refugees are safer between them. Come on, to the warehouse We are going to start the engines . The captain is missing. If he is missing what we can do,We do not have time. Come on walk. There is the ship. Complete your preparations Your order commander How are they here? – Bro I told you , These people are not okay.

Savchi Season 1 Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles

We are in trouble Cut it out! There is no turning back, Go throw some overboard. While they will save them, we will run away. Chief, these are n’t coast guards What are you doing? they a’re going to kill us. Get on the other side! – Hold it steady ! I’m trying, sir I said hold it steady aim towards the helicopter leave me Thank you, Since when these smugglers have been traveling with rocket launchers?

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These are the ordinary weapons for them , A proof is in front of your eyes We will take care of it.The situation is under control. You can return to your ship with friends You can not order me and secondly Savasci Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitles you do not have any authority – Is there a rank on my shoulder that I will take orders from you, Major? You understood who I am. Return to the overtime ship

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I will not leave this boat to you without order from the command. Either get me orders from their superiors or leave the boat. – Get these on the helicopter. Come on! You get up too. Get up! Who did this soldier? Ömer Korkmaz He is going on leaves for 15 days Talking about this operation. Listen to me carefully You saw a suspicious boat and intervened. You found a refugee.

The captain and crew escaped. Okay, major? No Whatever I saw I will report it to my superiors. You take your chances. Will anyone listen? They say he saw a lot of ghosts. They will send you on leaves because you have stayed too long in the sea and got confused Are we going to let them go, major? Are we going to draw weapons to special forces, Ömer? Gather the refugees and tow the boat.

Savasci Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitles

We are returning. left right left right left right Come on guys. Yes, you are now considered a guest here. Orders came from the command. I will send you to your hometown on air change. You will receive your permit there Is this because of yesterday’s incident, Is it commander? Are they that powerful? It does not matter now What you did went to the commander’s ear. He also wanted to reward you.

My commander, He was really a powerful man like the Black Sea If he takes one of my hand, then I’ll show them what it was like dealing with my mussel stall. Yes you are right. You think well. How are you so intelligent? Savchi Episode 4 Urdu Subtitles Look boy , You only get a chance once to fight And if you win then it will never happen Commander.

Why did we saved children and refugees from the sea all this time when the state had so many possibilities and information? These issues are no longer relevant to you. You fulfilled your duty with secularism. Military service is over.Go to your home. Your loved ones and family are waiting for you. Did you inform the people at home? None. I’ll give surprise.

Savchi Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles

Who knows how my mother will be happy when she sees me. Yes you are right Omer see this When did you take it? you can get in big trouble, son, delete it. Wait . Allahallah. We shot you too. Look Brother, are you crazy now? Are you going to open the secret operation of the state so that I am going to blow up my hand? – My brother, I’m a mussel farmer.

Do you know who I’m dealing with from morning till night? The thief-thief mafia is all in my head. I will spread this around. Let me spread the news because the Seyfi is deep and the mussel business is at the helm, so that nobody gets involved. Did you crash? Look, I’ll show you something. I’m sending this to you To whom will I show my son? To the fish? The son there,

Savci Season 1 Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles

He walks around with famous Prime Misters if you get caught tell them you didnt do anything simple Do you think I would do such a thing? the buss is here He will be a man from me. Not you. I’ll tell you We will be late. Let’s take a taxi from there. And, how much does a taxi cost? – It probably costs 60-70 liras or something. Don’t worry about money with me.

But it is not like that. We haven’t been able to pay you the lawyer’s fee anyway. I don’t want you to spend any other money for us First, leave this lawyer lady. We are friends with you now. What did I say to you after all? Let’s get Ali out, he will pay me as he earns. Let’s. Berrin! Wait a minute, I’m coming right now okay? Welcome, sister. What’s up Lawyer lady! Didem entered the jewelery store.

Savchi Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitles Free

To the jeweler? On such a day, I raised a son who left his mother waiting. don’t worry. he will come back and do not worry about dedim she is getting used to it – my beautiful daughter. Thank you, my dear Arzu, Savchi Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles thank you Bon appetit. – baby will pass this difficult time. and we will be happy is that omer 15 days are left for his arrival see

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i told you he is our omerr our friend our pride is here hello omer how are you my friend how did you arrive so early? why so many questions Oh my god oh omer wait wait first lets go eat something let Savchi Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles me meet my father first Mustafa uncle is not inside oh my god you guys ahh who is this , how long are you working here

1 month brother where is manager murad what do you have with muraLets go somewhere else Tell me where is Murat? he is emptying his house when did murad buy his own house lets leave omer lets go somewhere else wait a min come here listen to me Where is your brother Murat, why is he moving house ? Did my father lay off? Murat is the boss of this place. Who can fire him,

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