Real History of Dracula || Vlad III the Impaler || Life Story (With Subtitles)

Today, this character is as famous as Superman and Batman. But the only difference between Dracula and Superman is that Dracula is not just a fictional character, but a real person. Believe me friends, real Dracula was more cruel and ruthless than the one shown in the movies and stories. According to historians,

He was involved in killing almost 1.5 lakh people The real name of this character was Vlad III This character was born in 1431 in Wallachia, now Romania. Let us now turn to the question of why was He called Dracula. So friends, the title of his father was Dracul, which means dragon.

He used this title with great pride along with his name. Similarly, Vlad III began to use the title Dracula, the son of the dragon, with his name. His father, Vlad II, ruled over an area in present-day Romania. He was summoned by Sultan Murad II of the Ottoman Empire on the charge of sedition.

He was re-elected as the ruler of Wallachia, but his two sons, one named Vlad III and the other Radu, were detained in Turkey. The purpose this was to educate and train the new rulers of Wallachia. So their training process started here. They were given expertise in everything from governance to the battlefield. According to some historians, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror and Dracula completed their training together.

Dracula History In English

The younger brother Radu was so impressed by his Muslim teachers and friends that he became a Muslim. While Dracula, sticked with his religion. John Haniadi, ruler of the nearby state of Transylvania, began urging Vlad II (Father of Dracula) to join the military operation against the Ottoman Empire . But Dracul’s two sons were still in Turkey at the time. How could he revolt against the Ottoman Empire?

So John Haniadi joined hands with the cousin of Vlad II and attacked Wallachia. Dracula’s father, Vlad II, was killed. The Ottoman Empire, then sent Dracula to Transylvania with the Ottoman army Where he defeated his uncle and his father’s killer, John Haniadi. And became king of Transylvania and Wallachia himself. After becoming king, he suppressed the people of Transylvania who had been helping his enemies.

Here he recounted the stories of cruelty and barbarism that make people tremble at the memory of him. Here he was started getting known as “Vlad the Impaler” He would kill people and impal them in spear. He finds fun in hurting or torchering people. The details of this toture are not meant to be mentioned here. Just understand by this, that He would not hesitate eating a bread dipped in the blood of his friends He increased his fighting skills during his reign. And build forts and strongholds in the country.

Because he had started dreaming of invading the Ottoman Empire together with the Hungarian government . To this end he wrote a letter to the Catholic Church. To launch a crusade against the Ottoman Empire. And together with King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary began plotting against the Ottoman Empire. He did not pay taxes to the Ottoman Empire for three consecutive years. And invaded and brutally killed thousands of civilians, women, children and impaled their bodies in the ground with spears.

Upon hearing this, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror sent a delegation to his court. And ordered him to attend Constantinople. Vlad III the Dracula, tortured and killed all members of the delegation, and their bodies were impaled as well. When Sultan Muhammad the Conqueror found out about all this, he formed an army of 1.5 lakh soldiers. This was the second largest military campaign after the conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Mehmet.

Now it was not in favor of Vlad to fight this army, nor to his master, the king of Hungary. Now Vlad, the Dracula, began working on the immoral methods. He hid one night and attacked the tent of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror. But he later found out that the tent belonged to the Sultan’s adviser Mahmud Pasha. Vlad escaped, taking advantage of the darkness of the night But some troops of the Ottoman army pursued him.

Vlad had set a trap and the pursuers were caught in his trap. When Sultan Muhammad the Conqueror entered a forest with the rest of his army, they saw a very horrible sight. Even the army that conquered a great city like Constantinople was trembled by the sight.

Dracula had filled the forest with the corpses of their friends He had impaled a soldier in every tree. Now Sultan Mehmet understood what Vlad was upto. He devised a new strategy He up-fronted Dracula’s younger brother Radu and began getting the elite and influential people in Wallachia and Transylvania, towards him The Sultan had great success in this.

This strategy made it impossible for Dracula to hide in the area. He was forced to take refuge in Hungary with his companions. And Radu was crowned as the king of Transylvania. The King of Hungary treated Vlad III the same way every traitor is treated in history.

He imprisoned Dracula because he did not want to gain the enmity of the Ottoman Empire by helping him directly. and to justify this arrest, showed a few false letters to the church In which Vlad was conspiring with the Ottoman Sultan against the Hungarian government.

But t The reality was quite the opposite way. Here Dracula spent almost 13 years in prison. He was released on bail by Moldova’s King Archer because he had converted to Catholicism. He regained his throne with the help of local kings. But a few months later the Ottoman Empire sent another army against him and this time he was killed and his head was sent to Constantinople.

His deeds were so dark that stories of his brutality became famous in his lifetime. Until 100 years from now, these stories were only common among the local people. But Bram Stoker introduced the character to the world through his novel. Friends, h

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