Barbarossa Episode 31 In Urdu

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n the last episode, you have seen the best use of Greek fire, ie fire room, by the hands of Khidr. Was used against The formula for making it was known only to the king. And it was invented by a finishing engineer. It was used in the Battle of Constantinople in 674 and the Battle of Jerusalem in 1187.

Barbaroslar Episode 31 In Urdu Subtitles

And the Byzantines, with his help, defeated the Muslims for centuries.they will kill you When Ilyas Sahib defies these officers, the previous fighter digs out from a deficit and says, “Sibling Elias, look, Messiah Pasha is accompanying the troopers and give up, if not they will shoot you.” He says he needs to have an accomplice.

I won’t permit this to occur at all.Let’s move. When they figure out that Messiah Pasha has shown up With Raees Sahib, they stray from the way of Elias, then, at that point, Elias Sahib pursues his pony forward. Savior Pasha and his warriors likewise take shots at Elias Sahib from behind. Barbarossa Episode 31 With Urdu Subtitles.

Barbarossa Episode 31 In Urdu Subtitles

He goes far with the vehicle and afterward Aru Raees says that Messiah Pasha will before long catch Elias and kill him. We need to pass this news on to Baba Arooj. The following scene shows Shahbaz and Peru. Which is taking a leader to Dandiago. Behind them Khidr Sahib and his troopers are additionally pursuing Shahbaz and Peru while inspecting the imprints.

In the mean time, a few warriors came and encompassed Khidr Sahib and his buddies. So be the main individual who is furtively going to meet Dan Diag. Nobody has any news. Presently your bodies will be viewed as here. So here we see a savage fight. Khidr Sahib and his friends before long sent the officers to damnation.

Barbarossa Episode 31 In English Subtitles

Next Dan Diego’s leader stops Peru and Shahbaz and says you will stand by here. He then advises one of his fighters to go to Dan Diag. Let him know that Gabriel’s men have come. Whenever a warrior hears this, he awakens and strolls towards Dan. Barbarossa Episode 31 With Urdu Subtitles.

Barabrossa Episode 31 In Urdu

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