Ates Kuslari Season 2 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Ates Kuslari Season 2 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles Free || There’s someone downstairs, hitting the pipe.Oh, you have such a fever, you hear voices. Probably from fire.There is sound, can’t you hear it? There is no sound, it seems that way to you because of the fire. I’ll tell my father so he can call a doctor for you. Isn’t there one person? Isn’t there a human child? No, I don’t have blood. There is blood on Mercan, let me get a clean cloth.

My dear Mercan, it’s not a stitch but does it hurt? It doesn’t hurt, what am I going to do, Ali? I can’t move anywhere without a wheelchair. I will carry you wherever we go. Should I be a burden on your arms when you have so much weight on your shoulders? If necessary, I can carry you on my head, but I still won’t put you down. Come on, we have to go, let’s not stay here. Feza’s men are after us. Pack the fixed tent. Feza’s men are after us. My ten year old car, how good is it?

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Ates Kuslari Season 2 Episode 4 Trailer 1 In Urdu Subtitles .I’ll give it to you for three thousand liras, brother.Bro, let me love your eyes, this is three thousand liras dead! Shh, relax, damn it! Guys, I have two options for you now. Dude, this is junk, I’ll pay a thousand liras! Either you give me this wheelchair or I will make you dependent on it. Did I caught scrap guys trying to sell it. you understand me? Which one do you choose? The

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Ates Kuslari Season 2 Episode 4 Facebook Free . How did you find us? From the scrap dealer crew. Did you come to arrest Gülayşe for killing her mother? To spit in my face? I can’t .you already look in the mirror every morning when you wake up and spit on that man’s face. o you spit in your face every morning because you left my brother at the wedding table? Ali accidentally killed Gülayşe’s mother to protect her from Çatal…Ates Kuslari Season 2 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Ates Kuslari Season 2 Episode 4 Trailer 1 In Urdu Subtitles Now that you said it, I am Çatal’s son anyway. Is that why you lost your job as a police officer? Barbarian is treacherous, because he made Gülayşe cry. Barbarian brother, because he saved us from the garage while we were dying. Barbarian, what are you? Are you a treacherous brother? I am neither a brother nor a traitor, Sabit. Why are you here then?

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That’s why Feza Polat’s men are after you.I know we were going too. Ali, you cannot escape from that man by running away.That man is really strong. We need to go after that man, right at him. Why are there so many cars? Is the witch Nazmiye having fun in our absence? Are you going to continue to sulk at us? Look, it will continue. He won’t open his mouth either. But whatever we did, we did it out of good intentions, right, hafiz?

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He Hacer, what did they say? Why did this girl sulk at me? It’s Huh, how beautiful they said, right? Di or di? It’s a big word for those who understand. Oh! I wonder what we did to make him so angry? I’m extremely angry at you both. You two cute jackals are doing something behind my back. And you wonder what we have done to make him so angry! Did we make a mistake? You saw Barbaros’ face. Did you ask him if he wanted to see my face?

Anyway, let me get you settled in your room, before I go to the hospital and study. Mother! Why go to the hospital? Sit down and work at home, whatever you want! Aunt, Nazmiye kicked me out of this house, do you remember? Ha, your aunt is not dead yet, do you remember her? Did I say good? I’m going to tear Nazmiye’s hair out now. Good talk, very good talk! Tomorrow, we will banish that unlucky person called white or black from the company! I Ates Kuslari Season 2 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Just so that you would be happy, my duchess ran away, Hafiz. well soon, I’m sorry I couldn’t come to visit you at the hospital. Gulayşe, so you also received the good news and came to not leave us alone. Great! Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Get out of here. If you’re going to burn yourself, what do you want from me? What would have happened if I hadn’t come to save you? What would happen, selfish guy! You broke the voice recording that would put Kara in prison!

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Ates Kuslari Season 2 Bolum 25 In Urdu . You didn’t think about me at all. You didn’t say that this woman is dishonoring her professional reputation… If there is no land, if there is no Hüma! What does that have to do with it? Okay, since you forgave Kara, okay, go! Kara take Hüma and go to prison instead of your crazy brother! Take the punishment for that murderer’s crime and don’t bother me! I I’m so angry at him for what he did to Ali! I hate him for sacrificing Hüma to his games!

Because he was placed in Gülayşe’s company, I will tear him to pieces with my own hands! But you don’t want him to die in prison. Ates Kuslari Season 2 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles But we couldn’t save it! We left him in the hands of child traffickers! Is it ok! Because look, somewhere over here… …that little Harpoon… …who doesn’t know how to conceive… Okay, we understand why you didn’t report Kara. Hüma said to me, you are a fugitive, how will you take care of me? So So what are you going to do when you kidnap Kara? Are you going to build a happy home here or let your daughter sleep in this tent? For

Ates Kuslari Season 2 Bolum 4 In Urdu.God’s sake, just shut up and listen to me, okay? I found a job to take care of him, okay? I found a job so that he wouldn’t need that morsel from his father’s house so that he wouldn’t go hungry! Okay, I went to tell him that, it’s that simple! Is it OK! Did you I asked you what job you got? I’m the prosecutor, if I tell you this, the prosecutor inside you will tear me to pieces. Look If you are involved in anything illegal… As I said, you can tell Zipkın. Is it

Ates Kuslari Season 2 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Ates Kuslari Season 2 Episode 4 In Urdu.Mashallah, you have found a groom like Dalyan, Ms. Hacer. Oh God, don’t let the evil eye touch you. Sare, what happened? Did something happen? Dear Lara, you know that my daughter does not have a sister. She has an engagement party this evening. He Everyone, go ahead, we’re going to drown you anyway, now get up, girl. If it doesn’t turn out to be a disgrace, at least Nazmiye will address this now!

Look, he’s gathered the entire board of directors here. You know, sir, my brother has not recovered yet. That’s why we decided to settle for a small engagement at home. But I believe that he will be among us soon. Of course, he grew up on the street, so he doesn’t know the customs or anything. In other words, I hope she is on her way to becoming a daughter worthy of Eyüboğulları. I will teach you all the customs, auntie! Over Shall I teach you our street customs, my crab?

Ates Kuslari Season 2 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles


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