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In Alp Arslan Season 2 episode 61 in Urdu Subtitle, If my daughter wants this marriage, too our peace with you may always make us, Armenians, experience safe against Rome. You known as for me, father? Nature is a miracle. It heals. Come, Louisa.

Alp Arslan Episode 61 in Urdu Subtitle:

Magnificent Sultan of Seljuk country, whose mercy and justice are widely recognized with the aid of everyone. When I were given the information of your Surmari conquest my blood boiled. I thought to myself that the cities that surround Ani had been the next. Lori location is vital, my Sultan.

Thanks to our alliance with Prince Rome will not send his vassals behind Lori to help Ani. IN SHA ALLAH it will likely be as you stated. It might be. Trust your brother who raided Kars commonly. You ought to. What type of take a look at is this, oh Allah?

Alp Arslan Episode 61 in Urdu and English Subtitles Free:

I could provide my lifestyles I might deliver the whole thing I actually have, but how can I proportion his love with someone else? Is this what taking Anadolu will value me, oh Allah? What am I going to do now? I omit Meliksah loads, sister.

Will Sultan Alp Arslan convey him to Merv for us to spend time with him? Atsiz? My Sultan. Kavurd Bey handed away. We got here from Allah and to Him our return is. I wish it had now not been like this.

If he had lived up to his name and did no longer disgrace his father’s lineage, it wouldn’t had been like this. We buried him as we shouldn’t have stored the body waiting, my Sultan. You did properly. May Allah forgive his sins. Ameen. Ameen.

Alp Arslan Episode 61 in Urdu:

Thank you, doctor. Thank you. If it wasn’t for you, maybe I’d nonetheless stay but it’d be worse than demise to be a captive in Kirman. Thank you. Is this medicinal drug going to lead them to assume I’m useless? Your pulse and your breath will appear as if it’s long gone.

Our alliance with Seljuk will infuriate Rome. Do you consider Seljuk can defend us towards Rome, Father? Seljuk is robust sufficient. And they’ll be more potent within the destiny.

Alp Arslan Episode 61 in English Subtitle:

This courting with Sultan Alparslan might be better for us and our people. Sir, General Diyojen is here. You met Sultan Alparslan. What do you have to say Prince Kurige? This is the great time to get away Adrian. How? This poison will make all of us or even an elephant lifeless in 2 hours.

You can’t try this. Now concentrate cautiously. He wants to take me to Constantinople alive. When this poison turns on and I faint he’ll should treat me.

Alp Arslan Episode 61 in Urdu Subtitle:

You heard me proper. Sultan Alparslan offered to marry my daughter for our alliance. We talked and agreed on all phrases. And I determined to best friend with Seljuk, General Diyojen. So, you decided to select an ally who are Muslim, as opposed to Rome, who are Christian.

Is that so? Here’s the issue. Rome desires to shove their beliefs down our throats. And we selected a person who will appreciate our religion and who will now not exile us. That is Seljuk.

Alp Arslan Episode 61 Urdu Subtitles:

What you stated is going in opposition to Rome. I wish you recognize that. What about you General? You move in opposition to me and the Seljuks. Get out of my palace Romen Diyojen. God damn Rome! Father! Father! Let’s go, Princess. Let me cross. Father!

Alp Arslan Episode 61 in Urdu:

If you don’t want to grow to be like him don’t withstand anymore, princess. What do you mean Seferiye Hatun left Mom? Why didn’t you forestall her? She changed into so stubborn that she would nonetheless move if there has been a mountain in the front of her rather than us.

Where to watch Alp Arslan Episode 61 in Urdu?

In Alp Arslan Episode 61, May your country live for all time. May Allah continually make you victorious. Ameen. Avar. Brother. You will stab Sultan Alp Arslan in the coronary heart. MashAllah. Thank Allah we are together once more. Right inside the heart. Alp Arslan! To hands! Avar! Avar! My Sultan! My Sultan! Oh ALLAH! Brother? My Sultan! My Sultan! Alp Arslan. Alp Arslan. Please open your eyes. Please open your eyes, Alp Arslan.

When Will Alp Arslan Episode 61 Release?

Alp Arslan Episode 61 will be on air on 08 November, 2023 by TRT 1 and its trailer will be release very soon. This information is correct because Emre Konuk announced this information in his twitter post. But it could be late due to any kind of unexpected reasons.

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