Alp Arslan Episode 21 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 21 in Urdu & English Subtitles free

Alp Arslan Episode 21 in Urdu.In reply to which Murad says that it was a simple necklace, what is the significance of it, but it had two parts, when it was opened, the other part would come up, its head was bent, its words, listen to Petro, a map. He makes it and says, “Did he see something like that?”

In response, Murad says, “Yes, it was almost like that.” Petro gets upset when he hears this. The traitor will be found and beheaded. On hearing this, Petro says nothing will happen if he is killed. Reach the hideout of the greatest enemy then he sends the commander out

Alp Arslan episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles

and tells his special man this necklace may be this very important thing here Khidr takes out this necklace Zainab then asks what is in your hand. Hearing this, he hides the necklace and says, “As you have come here for an innocent child, I have come here for some innocent people.”

Alp Arslan Episode 21 in Urdu
Alp Arslan Episode 21 in Urdu

Baba says that all this commotion you did for him, for which you shed the blood of many people, in response to which Khidr says that mercy should be shown to the innocent, not to the oppressors. Well, you will not understand my point. There is a port ahead and I will let you go. Alp Arslan Episode 21 in Urdu

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 21 Urdu Subtitles

Here Urooj and Ishaq are going through a bazaar. Isaac says to Arooj, “You have done well by leaving these people.” I do the same but at the same time Arooj Raees says but you think we should have killed him. They should have played with their tongues.Alp Arslan Episode 21 in Urdu

Isaac, in response to which Isaac says we would find out whose action it is. In response, Arooj says, “I am not as soft-hearted as you, Elias. My heart is made of stone, you know.” I ate them and did not leave them. Those who attacked us were slaves. They were fighting with us for their freedom.

Alparslan Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles

Every child knows who saved the net for us. He is Jafar, in response to which Arooj says that Jafar alone cannot do this work on his own. We have to find out who helped him. Here Antwan has locked Ishaq in a cage. Isaac is in a state of unconsciousness. Alp Arslan Episode 21 in Urdu

Then they throw him into the sea. As soon as he enters the water, Isaac regains consciousness. Then they pull him up again. Then he says to Isaac: Don’t be like your looting brothers. You don’t like the sea. You enjoy life on this island, hiding from the sons of Genoa, but you don’t like the sea.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 21

Isaac says this. You know, I don’t like the sea. Where did you get so much information about me? Which traitor helped you? Gambling is going on in the inn. Meanwhile, his man comes there and says that the laborers could not work.

Hearing this, Jafar tells him that I will not be there for a few days and don’t tell this to anyone as soon as he leaves the inn. He goes out and confronts Arooj and Elijah. Arooj tells him that there is a rush in the inn, where are you running like a cat, after which Elias says Agha, ask him who is running then We will find out.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles

On hearing this, Jafar says: I do not understand what you are saying. Why are you asking me a question? I will not answer, I will punish him directly. After that, it is night time. He says that you have run your mind and you have failed. Hearing this, Jafar says that you said that if I failed then you will support me. Alp Arslan Episode 21 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 21 in Urdu
Alp Arslan Episode 21 in Urdu

You said that you would injure them. How dare you take up the sword against them after which Jaffar says if it had a good end we would not have any problem but I managed the puppets which failed. On hearing this, the slave seller present there says, “I gave him a strong man, but your enemy fought in a good way.”

Alp Arslan episode 21 English Subtitles

You are comparing him to them and moreover, he is praising them. I understood that you cannot do this. He starts to leave saying that. When he heard this, he grabbed her by the collar and said, “I fear only Allah. Alp Arslan Episode 21 in Urdu

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Understand this.” Then he said, “I will give you one last chance.” Urooj goes away. A special man of Raees comes to Urooj and says that he went to Jafar’s son. Hearing this, Elias says, “Did you see with your own eyes?” I started chasing him.Alp Arslan Episode 21 in Urdu

When he heard this, he said, “Rise does not mean that a wolf is not always born of a wolf. His father is kissing our foreheads and he is trying to take our lives.” Something has to be done which makes Arooj say don’t worry Elias we will not trust anyone and we will not show back to anyone.

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