Visiting the Controversial Monument in the Turkish History. Hagia Sophia.

Whats up Guys. This is Hk. Welcome to My Website. If you are new here consider Subscribing. Todays vlog, its gonaa be about….Two Important places. In Istanbul Number One Why to tell.. I will show you. “Blue Mosque” As you can see here. And Second one is Hagia Sofia.

You can call it either hagia Sofia or St. Sofia. and You can call it in either of these two names Why is it because it has a huge History so, let’s not waste time and let’s get Started. What’s the Point when you are in Turkey and you Don’t Eat “SHAWARMA”:( Levantine Arab dish ) Local people here Suggested this is the best restaurant to try the dish. so, I ordered two “SHAWARMA”.

Its Appearance looks good Mayo Carrot and jalapeño. It Tastes too good. If you ever come to Turkey, Do visit this Restaurant. If there were no Google maps, People would have used these maps as Navigation. # “Sarcasm” My current location is Aksaray. from Aksaray i have to reach all the way to “SULTANAHMET”.

hagia sophia converted to mosque

The Monument which i am above to witness is “BLUE MOSQUE”. have a look here. Its location is clearly mentioned here. I am really excited how the place is gonna be! This is the Local Tram. As you can see here its full. and one thing which i didn’t like about this is…..

There isn’t discipline here. by not allowing people to come outside first. They are just rushing inside. which is….. I don’t know what to say. so, safety is First. No matter where you travel. Rather than using too much of Sanitizer. it is better to carry a glouse. So, this is the Blue Mosque. You might wonder,

hagia sophia news

the name say’s blue Mosque but there isn’t any blue colour here?? Its Dome is blue in color. That’s why its named as Blue Mosque This mosque was constructed by Sultanahmet I. This locality is named as Sultanahmet. and this mosque is also called as Sultanahmet Mosque.

as you can see here. This is the Layout of the dome. There are 5 main domes here. and there are 8 secondary Domes which are on the other side. in total there are 6 Minarets are present in the blue Mosque. This is the Pazar [In Turkish Language] There is a way beside Blue Mosque which leads to pazar.

You can get Crafts and Souvenirs here. there are pretty expensive. I didn’t purchase anything here. till now i have showed you how it looks from outside. Lets see what’s there inside. In order to enter inside first you have take of your shoes and keep them in the plastic bags. end of the day its a mosque.

we need to follow certain rules. I am really excited to find out how it looks from inside. because it’s one of the oldest mosque in the world. I am entering inside. and it’s so cool. its pretty cold No heaters inside. and The second disappointment is This Mosque is under renovation. u can see here All those false pillars which are blue in color. they are there. The Battle of Bourgtheroulde 1124 AD

The above ceiling is closed. i couldn’t exactly see what’s there inside. it’s a bit disappointment. and on the other side. today is friday. I got an opportunity to offer my prayers here. in one of the oldest mosque in the world. and it’s a pretty good feeling. there is a saying in local language that “God balances everything”….

here are some religious books which you can come here and read. When you visit any Historic place. Do keep your hand on the pillars or the Monuments. it gives you a different feel. and these are not painted. they are engraved. and All you can see here is one single piece. which is shocking. and here are some free literature books You can get it in Different languages. all languages from Europe and Asia are included here. I thought to get some english books. but i couldn’t find one. but there is one HINDI book here. it’s been a while since i studied hindi.

I found it might be difficult. so i didn’t get one It’s Huge pillar and there is Water inside it. and there a tap there. I thought whether it is working or not. i turned the tap. but…

it is not working. This is Hagia Sofia. You can call it either Hagia Sofia or St. Sofia. As i said earlier. we will know why we can call it with two names. So First we waited in the queue for a long time. because they are offering prayers inside and they don’t allow visitors doing those hours. this is a mosque. but u said its mosque and you are saying its st.sofia?

let’s Find it out After waiting for a long time they started us to allow inside. There is no Social Distance They are allowing people who are having Mask. After going inside you need to have the mask. For a second, If you remove your mask for a photograph People will come near you and say Like where is your mask!! and all i removed my shoe once again This time you don’t need to keep it in the plastic bag, but you can keep it here in the shoe case. This is how it looks from the inside. St.Sofia was first constructed by Romans.

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but the Designer was from the Greek. This was constructed in 537 AD. for 1000 years, this was the Largest cathedral in the world but in the year 1453 Ottoman Empire converted this cathedral into Mosque. so, from then its no more a church. it’s a mosque. As you can see here there are still the traces of Church Here Here Here and Here. After they converted into Mosque, the 4 Minarets were later added.

This Complex is remained as a mosque till 1931 but They closed this Mosque for 4 Years. In 1935 Secular Turkish Republic Was Formed. then they converted this Mosque into Museum. For many years it was still a museum. but in the year 2020 Government Converted it again into Mosque.

Some people say that it is because of some political Controversy. and some say its changed Intentionally. so, this is the whole Story about Hagia Sophia / St. Sophia so, here are two doors which are of same size. and this door is bigger than the other one. and i guess this is the main Door, since its really huge.

and the remaining three are the same as the other three. As you can see here the size comparison. my height vs the door height. I was standing beside it. so, i think since this was constructed in 537 AD It’s Pretty hard Pretty Massive. When i hold it it’s so firm. We have a visitor inside the Mosque. Hello Kitty!!! I hope you liked my post

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