Teskilat Episode 39 Urdu

Teskilat Episode 39 Urdu And English Subtitles For Free

Teskilat Episode 39 Urdu.Then they leave. Here the messenger comes to Petro’s letter and gives it to a person and that person takes out this letter and starts reading it. After reading this letter he closes it and seals it and returns it. Gives the audience this person is the same dervishes who was shown at the beginning of the play.

Here Khidr is telling an incident of his childhood to Niko when Khidr Urooj and Elias were hiding in a cave because of rain because it was night time. It was raining and it was raining so hard that they were trapped in the same cave and Arooj was injured and he was injured.Teskilat Episode 39 Urdu

Teskilat Episode 39 in Urdu Subtitles

Arooj says we should go home as soon as possible. Hey Agha, it will take a long time to find the way, the rain will stop, only then we will be able to go and you can’t even walk in this condition. Then Elias says to him: I was very scared. Teskilat Episode 39 Urdu

Teskilat Episode 39 Urdu
Teskilat Episode 39 Urdu

Agha, the black birds passed over us which were making a lot of noise. I was very scared. Now calm down. Then he says to Ishaq: Brother does not leave brother alone in trouble. After this thought, Elias stands sad here. We will not leave them alone. Elias says to Isabel’s father Isabel here.

Teskilat Episode 39 in English Subtitles

You gave Urooj our ship, that is, Onita’s ship so that he could go hunting with the looters. In response, Isabel says, He killed his brother for us all to fulfill the responsibility given to him by Onita. Is this his father after hearing this? You have given this crazy person Onita’s ship. Teskilat Episode 39 Urdu

Isabelle responds by saying that there is Poseidon in front of the power of Onita. In response to which her father says that you are right. Cairo is nothing but Aleppo, even some of the people of Tantanya are involved in it. These people have been ruling the seas for years. Teskilat Episode 39 Urdu

Teskilat Episode 39 by Tv25Urdu

Have you forgotten how much we paid to join this organization? In response, Isabel says I have not forgotten my brother’s sacrifice to please them. She did not forget and when the time comes you will sacrifice me too. Well then the youth helped them. Here in Alexandria Petro asks a child.

I have come here to look for Job, to which the child responds: “Do you know my father?” I have met your father before, now I am sure he will be surprised to see me, on hearing this, the child says, my father will return in the evening, to which Petro responds, “Okay, I am not in any hurry, wait.”

Teskilat Episode 39 with English Subtitles

At the end Petro asks him if I can practice fencing with you after which Petro teaches this child fencing. Seeing this, Jawani says, “Leave what you are doing. When you hear this, the commanders show him the bottle. Seeing this, Jawani says,” I did not betray. I can explain. Teskilat Episode 39 Urdu

” No explanation, young man. You have to give an account of betrayal to Mr. Petro. You will tell everything by making a cake. Here the sick child recovers. Zainab is very happy to see him. Zainab says I am preparing something for you now after which she comes to the kitchen and starts preparing food.

where Lena starts asking her again about Khidr in response to which Zainab says leave it now. I am destined to have an orphanage here. I said goodbye so wouldn’t it be better to compete with them then why are we competing before they arrive then Khidr in response says we should compete with them.

Teskilat Episode 39 with Urdu Subtitles

They have to get there first so they can destroy what they have. My brothers’ anger is like a fire. Which can burn any rock to ashes. But we will go there before them. So that the fireballs may not come in front of my brothers and make them blind. Teskilat Episode 39 Urdu

Teskilat Episode 39 Urdu
Teskilat Episode 39 Urdu

In response to which Niko says, I pray that this wind will continue like this. So that we can get there before the storm of Baba Urooj. Here Elias comes to Arooj and says that there is no news about Khidr Agha. If something happened to him, he would have to answer for it.Teskilat Episode 39 Urdu

Teskilat Episode 39 Urdu by tv25urdu

If something happened to him, we would know. It is better that we keep him away from this trouble. You know that he does not like such things. Let us take revenge first. We will meet Khidr again.

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Here the soldiers are whipping the youth. The youth says: I do not know this person. I have not even seen him. In response, the commander says: You don’t know, but you have a relationship with this woman. You have been seen before.

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