Teskilat Episode 35 Urdu

Teskilat Episode 35 Urdu And English Subtitles For Free

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I see that I think he will not come to Alam Shah says Usman will definitely come to Farman he would like to meet his mother before he dies And I am sure that they will be Usman and his soldiers. While all the women were with him. The sound was coming from outside to spread everywhere.

Don’t come back without finding Usman. Here all the dervishes were gathered in the dargah and one dervish was reciting the Holy Quran. Meanwhile, Alam Shah comes there and says where is Usman Adab Ali. Where are you hiding it? As soon as you see Alam Shah, a dervish who was reciting the Holy Quran stops.

Teskilat Episode 35 in Urdu Subtitles

Alam Shah says that a traitor named Usman has to be found. Wherever he is found, he must be caught and brought. Don’t you see that there is no respect for the dead in your eyes? What kind of unconsciousness is this? Hi Alam Shah, where are you guys going? Here Jalali enters the women’s room with his soldiers.

Teskilat Episode 35 Urdu
Teskilat Episode 35 Urdu

Where the surgeon was dead. Seeing this, the bridegroom says, “Can’t you see the dead body here?” Jalali tells his soldiers to search. After which the soldiers start searching. At the same time, Koh-i-Noor also enters. And he says get out of here. Then he says that Jalali is dead here.

Teskilat Episode 35 in English Subtitles

Can’t you see? Is there no shame in the eyes of the deceased? Jalali says Koh Noor, who are you with? There is a mountain of light. I am with the truth. You people have come down on immorality. Jalali says: I have listened to you. Soldiers stop these masked dervishes here.

Alam Shah says bring them to me then Alam Shah says remove their niqabs. Sheikh Adab Ali says Wazir Alam Shah has even the slightest evil in his heart. In the Hereafter, he will have to pay back and you will have to pay back.

Teskilat Episode 35 by Tv25Urdu

My Lord often does not postpone every punishment until the Day of Judgment. There are many brave people who will take account of you. And your calculation will be very difficult. Wazir Alam Shah As soon as he hears this, the Seljuk soldiers draw their swords. Alam Shah says lower your swords. The punishment of these people will be very great.

But when the time comes, he leaves. Here Usman secretly enters the inn. After entering, Kosis says, “Wow, I thought that only in our cities and forts there are secret passages and tunnels.” Hiding the tax tonight, the minister’s job will be over. Saying this, they move on. He said that he thought I would go to his mother’s funeral after hearing about his mother’s death.

Teskilat Episode 35 with English Subtitles

As soon as Usman said this, he saw an idea when he came to the female surgeon. Usman asks Kamal Abdal how is Kamal Abdal’s mother Kamran Abdal says thank God that his condition is better now and his fever is getting better My mother is a very powerful woman.

Teskilat Episode 35 Urdu
Teskilat Episode 35 Urdu

She will recover very soon. After that Usman gets up and he is. He told Bala and Milan to stay here and tell everyone that his mother has passed away. The news should reach Wazir Alam Shah sooner or later after hearing this news. He says that is why he has set a trap for his own grave. I will give your life for this in Wazir Alam Shah. Teskilat Episode 35 Urdu

Teskilat Episode 35 with Urdu Subtitles

Report to Koh-i-Noor and Jalali. You both go to the graveyard. Usman was also listening to his words from inside. Shortly after, he enters his room. As soon as he goes a little further, Usman comes from behind and draws his sword. Teskilat Episode 35 Urdu

Alam Shah is shocked to see Usman You will continue to plot against me. Alam Shah Hearing this, Alam Shah draws his sword and says: I did not have a sword before. As soon as he says this, he attacks Uthman, but Uthman thwarts his attack. They would start competing

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