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Savchi Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles

Hall I give you the swell you should be afraid of Because I am the devil himself Ah ah ah oh boy where areyou Mom tell me what’s going house that he bought for you was scanned, we could press me, my daughter, don’t ask me questions,mom. You started everything now, you can’t hide in all troubles, you can’t hide , share with us I will share you, my daughter, share with me will share Yıldız mother He can’t act according to this because there is order here,joy, there will be mourning, but here is your he sent it so that when the sun is a spear length

Savchi Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles Free

News sister Yıldız, are you okay, I said, Smile, I’ll see when I hear it, But you ‘re talking privately without me, I’m sorry.Kurşun or Serdar, who is after your brother who destroyed Come yes, why is the phone,but he has not been able to get intelligence that he is following him. want you to know that we use all our resources and all our technical possibilities on the right to the You know, they won’t do an operation or something. I think you don’t get too excited about

Thehelicopter that will take him to Ankara is ready, and four of our special forces personnel will dear sister, and it is great to meet you. It is a great honor to meet you I am God’s witness that if the ground you are walking on were pure you go at the Brigade Command’s gate, you will see it, you will see it. he is at home, he is also a remote control Is the soldier comes to our funeral if he stays in the air, Commander, I am breathe when it’s understood bro, I understand I’m Jesus, get up, not be written by the ruins of Russia, history is forbidden to miss the opportunities,

Savacai Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles

I don’t want to have these friends. I don’t want to have these friends. I don’t want to have these friends. that destroyed the household of your children, but such an incident happened, they are fine n’t hide anything from me, my commander is not hiding anything from you week after work I didn’t know I got in the car, I didn’t know I got in the car I’m sorry, show me how many people I swear they took me out of here three times death, it’s death Eventually, it finds people and

Get up, you will get up immediately. Understand. Do you see now we do not count the equipment belonging to the remote Captain in this work we cannot obtain clear information in our resources in the region.There is nothing to do but to listen to all kinds of intelligence scraps, elifs, there is no God on that side, whatever God gave,lot of Kaan was hearing the captain’s shelter soon as the opportunity passes, she and her mother are then she’s doing nothing. Come on, Captain is corrupt. Special just because I’m asking you two questions, the first is

will be the truck you call a used officer Look this is why you’re so this is my father. Is he not an officer of God or did I run away Dad, I ran in the streets, I ruined it, I don’t know what I doare disgraced Dad, you are disgraceful to everyone. I don’t want to do my job, I don’t want you to do my duty Thank you, my son and his children, I dreamed for 30 years so that my grandchildren would They look at me with their smiles that fill me up, barar I see my friends In the brave ones standing like rocks I see my fears, the wounds I got my weapons, I but I don’t know her that girl I never knew I This is a wonderful Syria collapse under the sun It’s

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Kıraç I’m in the world, I have a son, I’m a 71 model I will hold you by the ear and beat you until the donit will come soon, it will surely come, it can’t handle that much, lookkey comes out of the water. Do you understand this Serdar donkey, I will beat No dear, he’ll be back to normal after three days, what will we say if you show him what we will say? no one can catch him, he walks away and I know he will go to the , I will love your eyes, cover the traces of this murderer, , this is the case of bracelets, this is an incredible protection instinctGod God I am calling you with Yesevi’s prayer I am calling you with the voice of Yunus I am calling you with the breath of Hacı Bektaş ee100 was it yours I call you as you call your

Savacai Season 1 Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles

Try to wear pink glasses once in a while, sweetie. Everything is he said this is adventure or something like Funda base area We will meet Kaan who is at work We gave 11 martyrs, two were seriously injured, 6 of them were went, he was the 18th moon, I came back home look, don’t look, I’m suddenly going to raise something without me think out of order think something useless Make your head work think of clues that only those who know think about what they have learned you trivial funeral notice in a newspaper can also be an image

ISavacai Season 1 Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles

I don’t think the Turks will respond differently to this either what happened to the scales, what happened to those who will? Hey, everyone will be the They say they’re going to kill the corrupted spelling to drop them they’ve come to the video slot I’m sending the video to you from a secure line. By Allah, your I have to ask something, for God’s sake, tell me how the blood will stay, we didn’t even use it in the family? We have such a name Kaan,

ha ha I will wait until the height of Ziraat rises she lives them for a lifetime for a couple of hours that I live, my it is so, mom, the paperwork is really now that people are looking for calves under oxen please subscribe everywhere o Do you have any other order, my commander, should I change your name immediately, I guess everyone in government service Each of us should be like this Good luck, there will be a wedding here, death will happen, there will be spent homes, people cry in cases when young people fall in l

Savacai Season 1 Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles

Let this Turkish nation exist, we will throw it out, It’s just an organization’s weapons supplier, You scared us, you’re fine, you set up without us, you’re fine. little more, Commander, you say this from your chin to I will count the words, but our brother tell me again, Hey, your friend has come in front of him, he’s safe, he’ll he’ll be happy, the wall is important Yes ok Is there a mother brother something like that You will be in Xinjiang during the day, of course, my that we are always the same things, what’s wrong, what is call you too? No, no simitt. Here you go, enjoy your what the mother and father of the west did to him, alright, what should we do, Necatibey Brother,


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