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Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitles Tv25urdu

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 Episode 7 Urdu Subtitles By Tv25urdu || witness to the castle of the enemy, okay, you scared us a lot, Commander, I’m fine, I’m fine, there was a hard fall. Thank God, you’re fine, Commander, I’m fine, I’m fine, sabri, nothing happened, we canceled the operation, stopped when we saw his friends, the operation continues. Ali The captain is pleased We are also pleased The We can’t go while Selim has come this far, captain gave the necessary information, are these the vehicles? Yes, we are two black vehicles We were waiting for you, but we were surprised to see you with these, there was a change at the last moment, we couldn’t Sorry guys, let’s not waste time what is this what’s going on now what is this I’m amazed how the girls haven’t been hooked all this time. I swear by God, my mother is grandchildren I’m the one ‘s pour a nice lead in front of us, let’s I thought you had a very difficult childhood when your mother died and your father left you. The biggest challenge for me in life was living with my grandmother. mom I don’t have a mother, I don’t have a father Just why and I then i’m a little kid had a heart of gold but may God have mercy on my mother’s death changed her a lot

I will give it to him. But I couldn’t find that box to put it in. Is it a knife here is your brother’s famous prayer I bought it in case you need it on your walks Made in Germany brother wants everything made in Turkey, especially guns, didn’t you n’t talk about guns with your brother. I’ll go to Eminönü tomorrow, I’ll look for a new and local knife for your brother, then I’d better go to bed. Don’t be late on the first work day tomorrow. Good night Sedef. Will you drop me off in the city in the morning. Of course I will. Good night. Where did you study engineering Turkcan is very good. Even though you studied in Germany, even though since I was 12 years old? I was there

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 Episode 7 With Urdu Subtitles By Tv25urdu ||

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitles Tv25urdu

I swear very successful Bravo Yes I hope I won’t come back again Because this is my real homeland first my brother Now I find your family warmth in you feel with my heart I hope everything will be ok good night I don’t know if we did it right by sending it alone again I do had another chance Selim Look at this, he’s always still doesn’t know, I still have a feeling that we threw the child into the fire, see if it is worthy of entering. You are right, who are you, I am coming from an electrical fault, can’t you see we didn’t call anyone at your house? The company sent an explosion in one of the transformers here, Islam fault ahead it shows we have to deal with it, if we don’t we’ll be in trouble power line of the hospital below goes through here there is we were going to call the breakdown team Is that so the can I see your ID if I ask you Marco Of course you’re welcome

Not know where you are from a small town Who doesn’t know the town with a mermaid statue don’t just call him a mermaid we don’t call him a sea god we say it’s true our sacred values ​​are the soon as it is very precious for all of us of course When I go inside, we won’t be in contact, find a way to disable Cemre immediately, there will be no operation without communication You’re thanks to you, the octopus was hit twice in a row better give up these 3 countries secret meetings now Thomas is getting very tiring when we are in you know that the octopus hides itself when threatened have survived by painting the countries in blood while serving the new world order for have survived by painting the countries in blood while serving the new world order for going to make up for the situation with bigger attacks, Novak detonate the missile with more blood and tears Thomas

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 Episode 7 In Urdu And English Subtitles By Tv25urdu

Snotty politicians of the country to the consistency we want and they will align How did the Turks learn about the arms sale on the island If we are at war with the Turks, raise the world up, take more drastic measures, charge them for their If you are sure that the Turks are behind this, you must do what is necessary. Do not leave your general at the front alone will hit its target without a chemical warhead, no doubt about it Turkey become the Center of energy, we don’t care if it’s destroyed, exploded, In this game, you either win come out of the energy equation and its power in the region will be ended. You have no doubt about it, you pay the Did you send an e-mail to All our effort is to make a big contribution to Turkey’s exports, strengthen its competition with weed In this framework means you have agreed to pay for chemical immunity, as you Which of us will fall into the trap excited [Music] I need to sleep But you won’t be able to get up in the morning You have to be energetic on the first work day tomorrow you’re right want to give it to you as a prosecutor. I can’t choose you, I think it’s the Well then I’m sure you’ll be amazed by my taste Really Thank you very much So I’m very happy to know you I’m saying this from the heart tonight soon OK I haven’t collected it almost Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 Episode 7 In Urdu And English Subtitles By Tv25urdu

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 Episode 7 In Urdu And English Subtitles By Tv25urdu

Tell Aslı intelligence personnel to turn on the electricity It’s understood okay I gave the electrical fault together They will turn it on soon Ok, come on Captain Aslı Öztürk you inside about 20 there is a man in black, they all have machine guns in their hands, they do haven’t had a conversation like this for a long time I missed my brother he is very lucky to have a friendly friend like you Next time we will eat together at our house you will love my mother’s food I have come tomorrow you will come tomorrow We got a deal Ok good luck in my job interview By the way we are advancing in a controlled manner, let’s I said yes, look at it. Just because he is not an empty man, he is not human, as if the devil Musta fa you

comparison we made with the samples we took from the toothbrush, the burning you couldn’t recognize the job. We can’t say for sure if there is Nadya in it, Nadia has 40 foxes around her head and her fur and tail don’t touch each other, don’t or if she showed another woman she killed leave her hand to artistic doubt she placed her religious samples in the villa, Soon, but the markets are filled with his skin. If Nadi is still alive, as you suspect, all the good information is written on which ship it will be loaded, where does the ship’s route Good morning to you too Look who’s there with me Tuna and they send you prayers Ms. Prosecutor I hope the first day will go like how it there is Alin, I wouldn’t be surprised if finished the stuffed with someone else

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 Episode 20 In Urdu And English Subtitles By Tv25urdu

where did she come from, for God’s sake, mom? It’s nice if you see it, Mashallah, like a trinket, my brother was not at home for a few days, of course, after a few days, he was special. he was was immigrants, his parents were Turkish, his parents were muslim turn it off now Look, I’m going to the evening dress, I’ll home I swear It was very nice and my child is well swear, when it’s over, I’m a suitor, I’ll tell you, it looks very beautiful, the place is ready, we have I would very much like to do an interview, what do you mean please we are losing our chance to raid a The roof will wake up, we need to do something urgently from the radio We are not, sir, he cannot have entered the house, theaccording to the document that the missile As it is located as I guessed, your turn has come, you Commander, I’m sending the document right away, Aslı Ali will send the bill of lading, I want you to examine the smallest details. You command, Commander, I’m what did you do Did you get it done? Of course, what did you think? Ca

come out I’m where you see them finally join the selim Let’s get ready here we come here we come to my favorite part It’s time to wake up the neighborhood Gentlemen Come on, follow the alpha wolf [Music] Search for [ work I didn’t leave it unfinished Is the cargo on the road mud is not listening on the phones I said don’t worry we are clearing this place you are very confident But know that we are going through a sensitive time The breath of the Turkish army is on our neck Everything will be destroyed by our slightest mistake We can’t take any risks Do you understand, I taste to Commander’s mud appeared blow it Mustafa you destroy the missile launchers there it will be impossible for the missile to hit its target it’s novakan lair don’t worry how will you be it bomb at the place in nora There is the hangar will hey will blow up the hangar before one of them does not turn on My commander does not turn on be able to get rid of me this time

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 Episode 20

Commander, they are still inside, there is no movement, they will come out, myOur personnel on the right cannot be reached either. think he really thinks he’s an angel or something. Where is this bomb from? came out officially 33 If Ismail was detecting the entrance to the tunnel Sir, there is a hatch here, there might be a tunnel commander the tunnel will be demolished continue [Music] this way, my commander, hey thought I was following, so I don’t know what you’re talking about already, was fighting with you in Syria, I have a friend, quickly did you fall into them, Süleyman, what do you have to do Süleyman I know is not that weak, you are being hurtful. Do you How quickly Suleiman, waiting for the enemy beneath him, forgot who he was Once the arrow comes out of the bow, it finds its owner, Everything is recorded here, Süleyman, you

You are not aware of the pain you go through, but you are much stronger than the situation you are now, Solomon will continue to wait for you without getting tired of reading this someone doesn’t spare the sun to the sky when we look out the window, it’s You. With whom did you pay the lion with your flesh, Look at me, life starts from where you said you lost, but look at yourself, you didn’t say anything to me, my truth, bribery, died, but it didn’t fall, died, Maybe we’ll die, maybe we’ll survive Maybe we’ll die snow, we’ll starve, we’ll starve, we’ll be thirsty, we’ll lie on the stones It Commander Aras came with the dust of the iron’s feet. me tell you how you are doing now Look, we didn’t know the past like that, my Commander, we are in the forest area now you can start the historical operation You can start the historical operation

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 Episode 20 Urdu Subtiles

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