Story of T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) Hindi & Urdu

Hello friends! This is a story of a young man The person who alone did that work even could not did by The forces of different countries This story starts from 1907 AD Thomas Lawrence, a student Studying at Oxford Jesus School This boy was quite different from the rest of the stadiums Where the remaining boys would have been playing and interested in their aged girls he was interest in the books of history These are often historical books,

especially those books in which Stories the Crusaders, recited to a great deal He misled on The rise and fall of the Crusaders, and There mistakes and failures And feel himself on their place This Mania of Thomas Lawrence increased to the extent that he had traveled on these routes in which many centuries ago the Crusaders attacked on Muslims He went on the tours of Muslim countries, Here, Lawrence visited the fortresses which the Crusaders had built And there was also a major research in other historical nature buildings Seeing his interests,

he got a job in the British Archaeology Department There was a great Quality in Lawrence that he would learn the local languages ​​very easily And Intermingle in any kind of peoples such as he is part of them At the same time the World War I began in there were Super Powers like Britain, France and Russia on the other hand Austria, Germany and the Ottoman Empire Since it the Lawrence was well known of Arabs, it was served in the construction of combat maps. The British estimates that the Ottoman Empire is weak But in this weakness, they did not even compare the Ottomans The proof of that is The Khalil Pasha defeat the British on crossed side of River Tigris.

Now the young man of the map maker, Lawrence one who not seemed Like a soldier The height of which was five feet and the size was very weak Suddenly joined the war and Shipped off the war He had deeply studied the History of the Crusaders and Muslims He was aware of the power of Muslims and their weaknesses.

He knew that we could not spoil them as long as passionate jihad exists in Muslims The solution to this problem is that Lawrence revealed that Muslims should be fought together So that in the same way jihaad will fall down by prejudice and nationalism The Arab country was under the Turks for the last 60 years When Sultan Salim was defeated by the Ottoman Empire and be part of the Ottoman Empire Lawrence’s strategy was that the Arabs should be against the Turks and defeated Ottoman Empire in east. And it could not have opportunity to intervene in Europe’s strategy So he brought the blessings of the British government and Reached to Jeddah And here he met Sharif Makkah Hussain bin Ali Sharif Makkah Hussain and his son Faisal were shown a lot of dreams from Laurence And it was promised that after the success of the rebellion against the Turks,

a kingdom would be established on all the land of Arabs. In addition to Iraq and Syria, the areas of Palestine will be included The kingdom in which Caliphate and the kingdom will be given to Sharif Makkah Hussain Here, Lawrence presented a report on the war and resources required in the war, presented before British General Allen High. British officers liked this strategy And while helping the Arabs, they have handed over the best weapons and Lots of resources to Lawrence. Lawrence Spend the wealth like flood to unite the Arab tribes Where there is no talk with the Money, there are many women and spy women Available of which they used to attract them But mostly Arabs participated in this rebellion only in the name of their independence Now,

Lawrence invaded the Turks camps with the Arabs with smallest forces Also, the Hijaz railway line was the only source to supply the Turks in the Arabs, Lawrence destroyed the place. In the case of supply cut, Turkish army remained stuck in cities While living in the Arabs, he completely adopted the situation like Arabs Lawrence wear Arabic clothes, pray with them, While he was memorized many Quranic verses which used to refer to it often In such a difficult way in Saudi Arabia, Arabs would be surprised to see him He was fearless such as disguised himself as woman and transformed into a Turks Camp While Turks were spending money in search of him Now,

Laurence plans to occupy a Big Cantonment such as Aqaba Which was of great significance to the defense point, is also incredible But Lawrence attacked a threat from backward of it, by way of the desert with a small army, instead of being attacked by the front of it. And after the great struggle the Aqaba conquered It was Amazed for the Turks and coalition forces that how a hundred Arabs were able to win that strong Cantonment Lawrence did not Stop over on it, he used to invade various small towns and Cities first Dera’a and then went to Damascus And Damascus captured without any foreign aid

The war was ended on the defeat of Ottoman Empire in Germany and Germany The entire British army did not harm as much as Ottoman Empire. Hurt by this five-foot four-inch British Lawrence at now at the time of fulfill the promise that were made by Lawrence to the Arabs In which A Great Arab Kingdom was formed, But the Russia, Britain and France had already divided the best parts of Ottoman Empire So the Arabs could not find anything other than a desert region The biggest loss of the World War I was to the Muslims When a stable Muslim Kingdom split into small pieces of Different state After War – Lawrence who Called as Lawrence of the Arabian left India for an unknown campaign Where he spent several days in Karachi too He then appeared in Hong Kong once and again in China After Retiring with a job, he wrote a book consisting of his

Fight for Jerusalem !! 1948 Arab–Israeli War

Biography Named Seven Pillars of Wisdom He was curious to drive high speed motorcycles And in May 1935 the same passion took her life so Friends! Ottoman Empire, which Stable for the last six hundred and a half years, who witnessed many Rises and falls Many big forces came and collapse But this great kingdom of Muslims was established in its place but it’s beat by the rebellion that emerges inside itself That headed by a person The apparent sympathy of the Arabs But internally a crusader Who came here to revenge of hazard of there Ancestors And sorry to say that he was successes

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