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The place and importance of this historical figure, who is known with the character of Abdur rahman Alp in Diriliş Ertuğrul and who is in front of us with the character of Abdur rahman Gazi in the establishment Osman,


became a martyr in the last part of the series. We have investigated the real life story of Abdur rahman Gazi, who has an important place in our real history for you, and gathered the historical information about him in this post – here is the real life story of Abdur rahman Gazi, an important hero who spent his life on the battlefields.

Abdur rahman Gazi was an important Mujahideen and a commander who had great services in the establishment of the Ottoman state. He is the gun friend of Ertuğrul Gazi andthe conqueror of Aydos Castle. The exact date and place of birth of Abdur rahman Gazi are not known, but it is said that he died in 1329.

Abdur rahman Gazi’s name is aged in the villagecalled by his name near Eskişehir, and his grave is in Abdur rahman Gazi district of Sancak tepe,Istanbul.

He was one of the important commanders and comrades of Osman gazi and his son, Orhan Gazi,

who saw his hand on the eye before Osman gazidied before his death and his other Mujahideen comrades, his son Orhan Gazi.


The son of Osman gazi returned to Orhan, theson of Osman gazi, who returned from the accident he made on the black market after the ryetartars stepped into the black market. He sent jihad to you Akçakoca Konur alp Abdur rahman Gazi and Köse Mihale from the Mujahideen commanders told me how to behave in the way of religion.

Abdur rahman and other Mujahideen Veteran slater laid the foundations of the Ottoman state, which ruled three continents and seven climates.

Akçakoca Samsa sergeant and Konuralp Akyazıwere busy with İznik and İzmit, while Abdurrahman Gazi stunned the Byzantines by raiding the for tresses on the Istanbul side and prevented the attacks that would come from Istanbulto the mujahideen.

Abdur rahman Gazi was sending his elected soldiersagainst the veterans. From time to time, permission was often seen around the Castle by raids and raids. Iznik tekfuru complained about these raid sand asked for help from the Byzantine Empire. Byzantine forces gathered from Istanbul we retaken to Yalova by ships.

Abdur rahmangazi made a sudden raid on them and killed most of them and the survivors got on the ships with a thousand difficulties and returned to Istanbul Abdur rahman Gazi Bursa served as the first frontier at the Byzantine border until the fate arrived. Akçakoca Konuralp and Abdur rahman Gazi continue dtheir raids on the peninsula, which was clouded by the Black Sea in the north, the Gulf of Izmit in the south and the Bosphorus in the west.

After the conquest of Samandıra, 16 Kaya Kocaeli was called in 1326.After the conquest of Saman dıra, 16 Kaya Kocaeli was named after the name of Konuralp. Aydos Castle is a castle built on the east side of Ay dos Mountain. It was conquered by Ur alp and Abdur rahman Gazi.

In Ottoman Empire Making High at Role Abdur Rahman Ghazi

In 1328, Orhan gazi asked Abdur rahman gazi toconquer the Ay dos Castle, but the very solid structure of the square showed that the workwould take a long time. As it is stated in the hadith of the Prophet that something happened to Allah, the reasons for him were prepared in the hadith-i sharifof the Prophet, the events developed in such a way that where the Aydos Castle Abdur rahman Gazi was conquered.

Aydos Castle Aydos Castle comes to mind when it comes to Abdur rahmangazi. The adventure of the daughter of the castle commander and Abdur rahman Gazi, which took place while the castle was conquered, left indelible marks in the memories of both Greeks and Turks. He went to Izmit on the pretext of the ransom of U.

When Abdur rahman gazi, who studied the castleand knew his surroundings, informed Orhan gazi how Izmit could be taken, the sultan appoin tedhim as a guide to the army and a leading Commander. Abdur rahman gazi, who lived on the battlefields and served Islam, died in 1329,

instead of the conquered bell sound,God bless all our martyrs, especially Abdur rahman Gazi and his comrades in arms.

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