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Dokoz Oguz Episoe 1 with Urdu & Engliah Subtitles By Tv25Urdu

Dokoz Oguz Episode 1 with Urdu & English Subtitles || Dokoz Oguz Episode 1 with Urdu || TV25Urdu || Turkceurdu || PakUrdu . printed and burned a Turkish newspaper from Akmescit, killed two people kidnapped and tortured a teacher from Gagavuz Turks, killed them. In Yakutia, they forced the Turks to migrate and replaced them with not even talking about Western Thrace,”gets his claws out for the first time in years, the sleeping wolf shows his teeth for the first time in years , and this is my grandson, my son, the three-star Captain Batu, doing it in the as you, I wish I was as lucky as you my life to fulfill this mission and that’s it. I killed seven generations of screwdrivers it was a terrible day for all of us,and we were exhausted by the commanders, as if they had pulled our arteries and cut on the mountain, his voice could not be heard on the radio Can’t be heard from it was dark. Wouldn’t it be dark Captain wouldn’t come anymore, would that man who burns the sun all around every time the Captain appeared someone reach out to him would forcefully click in the middle of the night are like flies due to lack of air

Dokoz Oguz Episoe 1 with Urdu & Engliah Subtitles By Tv25Urdu

Me, they lifted me up with their hands and in front of their mouths cold My mother there I surrendered alive Is it you, my soul went to the village through tho se tiny barbecue holes When I looked out of the pressure, a few Turkish military duties I would have given my life if I knew dictator No you can’t do this The souls of the Crimean Turks are I would gladly give remained Adam came, we were worked on the farms like half-starved half-cannon animals,couldn’t sleep for days because of the pain in my hands In May of 1958, we were put on the Turkish border and we were going to It seemed from afar that it would increase, it would seem from afar, it would escape from my peace close to the border. friends answered one by one, when I there was no one but the killer dogs and me. saved an Azerbaijani song May God bless time, every Turk was dealing with his own troubles republic, in the 20th year of the republic, the

Dokoz Oguz Episoe 1 with Urdu & Engliah Subtitles By Tv25Urdu

I wish I had died in that car or in the river , do you have a new year together, have time, my dishonest dogs, what will happen in this case, Commander, is the new commander certain? no let me speed up now Time is running out come on Team will be at the ceremony area in 10 minutes, they will encourage our force commander,I don’t want any mistakes Understood Deluge Captain is about to transfer to headquarters I wish success to everyone Commander the commander of a new one has arrived you saying that a Turkish woman did all this, but he was a colonel, a trained soldier, to these witnesses At that time What were you doing,

Dokoz Oguz Episode 1 with Urdu & English Subtitles

wow, I did my best, I showed them very quickly do you know why Atatürk insisted on his nahcivan, as if you the throat that connects the Turkish language to them, that is, to the middle seleks, and you want to make sure that you die against a single woman Decision and law taken by the Turkish Grand National Assembly We have laid the foundations of our union, which can create solutions to the Crises in every part of the Turkish world , this union, which started out with a limited number of pieces will constitute a first step for the steps that the Turkish world will take in the coming years. form a flare in the age of the Turkish world in the coming years, my the peace, peace and security of the captured Turkish world, I will fight tirelessly for the peace, peace and security of

Dokoz Oguz Episode 1 with Urdu & English Subtitles

that I can move forward with my freedom and freedom, and I will faithfully serve its values is the one who says I am a Turk Happy our nine Oghuz Oaths, thanks I felt it was starting to go out that night we were off until midnight we ate toast we got chestnuts We even hung out and that midnight 9 Oghuz we met for the first time in the wolf there I saw the great men who started this war long before us age of the nine Oghuz had begun, we were the I don’t need to tell you how Afghanistan has been destabilized by global Powers for 10 Years, you all already know but the dimension that concerns us is

Dokoz Oguz Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles Free Tv25Urdu

Uzbekistan I think Konar nomadic Turkish tribes live here. e they change places in the Highlands according to the seasons, it doesn’t matter which country they are on the border of Ziya Samir, we can call him a mercenary terrorist , who he works for, who his target conflict that will last for 10 years will be ignited in the corridor between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, compatriots will suffer great damage from this. Does anyone have a question to neutralize this terrorist, kinsmen and give a clear message to those who will attempt such a thing from now on, I have heard all the details of what happened in Northern Iraq, you will do


an extraordinary job. You did well, my This is the world. This place scares even a man like me, I told you, Look, I told you befor You will bring me the dollars how much more to these damn tents I’ve been working hard for 2-3 hours Commander everything will be fine if we survive hundreds of years of fallen truth We will go to the Northeast for about 2 hours. come Come here, there are many plains like you, you will

They will buy and sell, they will force them to play, then they will get used to prostitution, they will rape little children. don’t do this to me commander , I will do evil to the children. They will most meaningful watch of my life at the intersection of the mountains peacefully and happily in the shade of their own soldiers’ guns

Dokoz Oguz Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles Free

great food with us They ate great food with us children We looked at the stars as the night fell, a wolf on the opposite hills language, our language, their eyes were our eyes I understood why 9 Oghuz went on this road that night I wish you had stayed longer, captain,

we will be in touch from now on, we will
do our best to help you
Thank you, are you
ready, we are ready, my request, my commander,
stop, Oguz, stop the vehicle, you order,
there is none, he is our Çarşıbaşı Hüsra, he
is not dangerous, he is poor, you understand, so
yes, I know him, he sells trinkets,
gas, flint, fabric, etc
be on the alert Commander Sir,
your eyes open You will order

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