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Al Sancak Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles

Al Sancak Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles.If Nadi is at this point alive, as you suspect, I hang her skin We ought to neglect to recall every one of the extraordinary information is created on which transport it will be stacked, where does the boat’s course go until its last area Mersin lime second ca n’t go any more my commandant search any place you investigate You peer down okay sir extraordinary morning Mother isn’t it a superb day .Extraordinary morning to you likewise Look who’s there with me.

Fish and Serkan Look they express hello to you they send you requests Ms. Analyst I trust the fundamental day will go like how it started I trust it will be extraordinary Express hello to you too mashallah good luck to my kids Accepting there is Alin, that wouldn’t surprise me a tiny smidgen in case my kin was not at home, we finished the stacked down with someone else.

Al Sancak Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles

In what limit, my young lady, tell me suitably, It’s perfect in case you see it, Mashallah, like a trinket, my kin was not at home for several days, clearly, following two or three days, he was unique.he planned to begin some work in an organization, did you figure out what his identity was? All things considered, he was settlers, his folks were Turkish, his folks were muslim I need to switch it off at this point.Al Sancak Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles

See, I’m going to the night dress, I’ll get the records, I don’t need to be late, might we at any point talk exhaustively at night right extremely decent exceptionally pleasant home I swear It was extremely great and my youngster is all around good. No doubt, when it’s finished, I’m an admirer, I’ll tell you, it looks extremely gorgeous, the spot is prepared, we have a visitor, he needs to meet with you I might a lot of want to do a meeting, what do you mean kindly come here.

Surkh Parchem Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles

come on young lady you come Mustafa, did you plant the bomb well Amazing good fortune Mustafa Thank you my commandant is there any good reason why they won’t get the telephone something is sure no news No sir we are losing our opportunity to strike a

The rooftop will awaken, we want to accomplish something direly Aras, compose precisely like this Sir, there is a police circle back, I will call you later You know, the police wouldn’t be there, I organized it. from the radio We are not, sir, he can’t have gone into the house, the caution framework is working, Surkh Parchem Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles .

we are leaving how is the slope Ali caught its commandant And from the neighbor Here is uplifting news as per the report that the rocket As it is found Mersin Port, as I speculated, your turn has come, you can begin the activity You can arrange, Leader, I’m sending the record immediately, Aslı Ali will send the bill of filling, I believe you should analyze the littlest subtleties.

Al Sancak Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles Tv25Urdu

You order, Authority, I’m intrigued quickly Büşra is the satellite prepared, Officer, I’m extending it on the screen what did you do Did you make it happen? Obviously, what was your take? Ca n’t we simply be OK, I performed my responsibility, my leader, Great circuit tester there is development, they will come out I’m where you see them at last join the selim.


We should prepare here we come here we come to my main thing.Now is the right time to awaken the local Refined men Come on, follow the alpha wolf Quest for You stay here, directed, commandant I’m coming soon alright Is everything okay up until this point no work I didn’t leave it incomplete Is the freight out and about mud is dynamic Is the radios not tuning in on the telephones.

Al Sancak Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles

I said don’t stress everything is taken care of we are clearing this spot you are exceptionally sure father. however realize that we are going through a delicate time The breath of the Turkish armed force is on our neck All that will be obliterated by our smallest mix-up We can’t face any challenges Do you comprehend,

I taste to quit behaving like I’m a novice slant says do you know about nadia, tell her he is formally dead Yet even her dead is dreaded ] Commandant’s mud seemed blow it Mustafa hold tight folks download prepared shot free full hit shot free run they are entering the overhang look we are heading inside.

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