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Al Sancak Episode 13 In Urdu Subtitles

Al Sancak Episode 13 In Urdu Subtitles is going on of Nazlı Hanım and Bora, in light of Boran during the contention, my commandant demonstrated that he is a genuine contender, yet after the contention he headed out in a different direction, did you find out where that street leads? Indeed, Commandant Ismet doesn’t approach, yet the octopus .

The game he played with a vow will cost his life however nothing remains to be said about his choice He will endure the side-effects Even F16 can’t stop you sadly Mosque fortunately the thing are we doing now elizabet is sitting tight for us there come on Get well soon amazing good fortune folks, thank you, sir, any fresh insight about my princess, they generally endure God favor you all, you are ruining me.

Al Sancak Episode 13 In Urdu Subtitles

We carried out our responsibility. All things considered, how did you respond, Sabri, how did you respond? My premium doesn’t say that I dropped the magazine by some coincidence. All things considered, it fell. It’s just straightforward. Boran got away So this implies that we were unable to finish the mission totally, we stuffed the commandant’s 3 high-positioning individuals from the association. Is it a seemingly insignificant detail, on the off chance that Orhan had not gotten away, we will ultimately spend them too We know, we should go to the cafeteria and have a soup. Al Sancak Episode 13

What is your take, this moment it’s my opportunity. On the off chance that you request, we have an incredible Kokorec , we managed a major catastrophe for the association, we should see where their reverberations will come from. Did you figure out what his identity is? No I haven’t found out yet. I’m almost certain he serves the octopus. However, I was unable to comprehend the reason why he needed to converse with me. You might be the objective, my leader. We have the solidarity to meet them Yes We should take a rest. Individuals are continuously addressing at such critical points in time, back from the verge of death. I addressed why today, yet presently out of nowhere what you were unable to do,

Al Sancak Episode 13 In Urdu Subtitles

As What’s wrong, it’s all quite obvious brother, don’t lie on your side, don’t take a gander at the mud, spill it out, Cengiz That’s it, I swear sufficiently it’s, my dear sibling One day will come I let you go so you can see yourself, I didn’t go after you, however look, now is the right time, for what reason would it be a good idea for me to be your young lady, how about you proceed to talk straightforwardly like a man You are asking this, Cengiz You conversed with Yasemin and what was the deal? enough.

Furthermore, for what reason do you take stock from our story God Indeed, I’m Skipper Eylul Çelik, so I surmise your memory is a digit terrible since we can’t remember you. Allow me to advise you that you relentlessly barraged me today. Please accept my apologies, despite the fact that I was a calm climate, I was unable to get the directions to finish the work you left tomorrow. Did you call to ask, Really, it’s not my custom to give up positions work incomplete, however when I figured out that you were saved, I needed to say recover soon, thank you,

Al Sancak Episode 13 In Urdu Subtitles

Your courage was valued, thank you kindly both for me and for my companions. We should simply express, in the event is our holy messenger of death or is he coming to Istanbul Selim Commander. You need to meet as well, I’d very much want to meet you as well. Then what do you say we’ll have a decent Sunday breakfast together, Carriers, see you well See you soon I surmise take a gander at the bizarreness of our calling, individuals meet while requesting pen and paper at the gathering. Alright, don’t reach out, I’ll deal with that too Where is Boran he had a little aggravation on account of you, we uncovered the toma, for this situation, the data stream has been intruded on, I couldn’t say whether it will be essentially as viable as Thomas, however they will search for new coaches I don’t have any idea. How is this ?

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